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I need some help!

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Hey guys,

I beat Act 1 inferno a few days ago and have been farming since then because I wasn't able to last long against Act 2 weenies. I've been reading the forum and have re-built my barb pretty drastically - i can survive against SOME mobs but not all, and only about 1/4 of elite packs if I have WOTB going. I need some help, here are my stats:

DPS : 9764 (just switched to 1H with lower dps but steals 410 per hit)
Armor: 7480 unbuffed, 8548 buffed
Resist: 600 buffed
Health 42.6k - took a major hit here to get the resist that I have

Strength - 1491
Intelligence - 253
Dex - 235
Vita - 960

Shield is 960 armor, 20% block ~1100 dmg, 8% life, 130 vita, 100 str
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From what I've seen, a possible upgrade could be your shield. People are recommending block amounts of 4.7k. Is your weapon the only LoH you have?
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Yes. Most of my other gear is +resist, rings are +33 all and like 40str/40vit.

Do i have any options besides stormshield? And my shield accounts for about 8k of my life total, will i be screwed if I swap it for something with less/no vitality?
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You can always find a rare that'll be better than a legendary atm. Problem is finding that rare. But yeea, your shield needs a lot more block % and block amount. Could do with a little more dps as well.
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