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Diablo 3 Server Status often incorrect?

Is it just me or are others finding that the server status page (which needs a direct link from the homepage) is very often showing that the server is up during updates and unscheduled downtime?
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agreed. They should incorporate an ETA in the link.

can you hear us Blizzard?
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I show the servers being up as well but I am not able to log into the game.
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I was just about to post on this same topic. I have noticed that the server status has been "up" during every previous "scheduled maintenance" for Diablo 3 when I checked, despite my inability to log in.
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Well after getting ready to come here and complain (since that's what we do on forums, eh?), it comforts me to know others are seeing the same thing I am.

BLIZZARD PLEASE FIX THE SERVER STATUS PAGE or don't publish the link as a resource I should look up for useful information. Status page says up, game is down getting patched.

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The Server Status page should have a link to the Service Status forum, like in the WoW webpage. That is all.

I totally agree. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/status should have a link available at the top to the server status forums. It just saves us a few clicks (:

I also noticed that there are times when they are doing maintenance and the you actually cannot log-in to the servers and play, yet it can show the servers as up. It would also be cool if there was some sort of maintenance mode for the team to put it in so we can just keep checking the server status page (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/status) to see when they are actually UP and available for game play.

(Just yesterday actually I kept trying to log in cause it said the servers were up.. but it wouldn't let me.. and I finally checked the forums and saw they extended the maintenance time. =P

Agree. I just mentioned this in another thread regarding the server status page.
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+1, AH is currently down but the status page shows it's up.

Can we please get a blue to at least acknowledge this problem?
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Always wrong... whats goin on now blizz?
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anyone take the timezone difference into account? for me there is about a 4 hour difference
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is it just me or is the maintenance done, server up and i cant log in? =( so sad
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Server status (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/status) says its up. But Diablo 3 says Battle.net is down for maintenance.
How hard is it for the web page to get updates?
I live in Australia and play on US servers so it would be really nice alos to get a ETA in hours remaining till server is up also.
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i too am in AU playing on US server cant get on saying its on but no i can log onto asia and europe server tho...useless as i have no characters there
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I think it would also be nice for Blizzard to say when the maintenance is happening is other time zones as not everyone lives in the us
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Agreed. I thought it was funny how the server status page shows the game servers as being up, but they're still down for maintenance.

Seriously Blizz? This is extremely basic. If you can't even coordinate and keep your websites up to date with the actual status of the servers, then what's the point of even having a server status page?
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fix thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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Doing it again! sort it out Blizzard!
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!!! :(
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i seen once when server was down for 2 hours while status page said server are up the whole time, think it was 2 weeks ago :/
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