Diablo® III

Trying to figure out my passives

I already know I want Berserker Rage for the damage buff, but I'm having a little trouble with the other two, mostly because I'm not sure how damage reduction is really calculated.

Since armor is damage reduction from all sources, would it be better to stack Tough as Nails Nerves of Steel, or would I be better off replacing one of those (whichever gives less armor at the time) with Superstition for the flat 20% damage reduction from non-physical sources. Since from what I understand it's generally elemental damage that kills people in Hell/Inferno.
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Superstition reduces the least amount of damage as it takes place after all other reductions. Since you like zerker rage get that, tough as nails and nerves of steel.
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So Superstition basically isn't worth using at all, better to just stack armor as high as possible?
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I don't use it anymore, I'm using relentless as my third for the extra few seconds of survival it gives in an oh $hit moment to get out of there using leap or charge.
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It depends on how you have built/geared your toon.

I started out with the big 3 tough super nerves but after a few runs noticed I wasnt taking all that much damage anymore put in zerker rage and weapon master (kept nerves), starting act 2 I am getting lol stomped again so I might switch in more defence.
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Barbs need every bit of defense they can get, I would go tough as nails, nerves of steel, superstition. And no, superstition is not weakend by "taking place after all other reductions" as was said above.
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I am in hell Act III or Act IV I forgpt, just kill that lying king.
You'll have no problem dropping both Tough as Nail and Nerve of steel.
I use these Berserker Rage, Inspiring Presence, Relentless.

You already know that Rage is good. Inspiring works well if you pick your 2H gear to work with it. Relentless will save your life when your health run low.

I learn this from people on this forum, drop my superstitious. doesn't worth it.
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Wow, lots of suggestions, thanks.

I already know I'm keeping Berserker and Tough as Nails, the only question is whether or not to use Superstition or Nerves of Steel. Stacking both armors only seems to give me ~5% more damage resist, but...going from 65% to 70% is not a small thing. The question is whether or not I'll get more benefit from Superstition or from getting that extra 5% resist. I know elemental effects are what tend to kill you in hell/inferno, but armor apparently works for all damage sources.

That makes me wonder though, what are resistances for exactly? If you can stack armor high enough, which reduces damage from all sources, wouldn't you not need resistances?
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