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CA Maelstorm VS EA Nether Tentacles

So I've been using Cluster Arrow with Maelstorm and found it to be not very helpful, I hardly notice my health re-cooperate yet it used a lot of hatred. Then I noticed that Elemental Arrow with Nether Tentacles has almost the same damage with a slightly less amount of leach life but costs 5 times less to use than Cluster Arrow...what is the point of this? I think if Cluster Arrow is going to cost that much than it should at least return more health...any comments?
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I loved Cluster Arrow up until Act 3 Hell. It's not viable in Inferno at ALL since they damage:hatred usage ratio is not justified - and you only really benefit from Cluster in narrow hallways and choke points. When I approached Act 3, I dropped it for EA: Frost Arrow, since it covered a larger range. After that, in Inferno, I switched to Nether Tentacles.
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Cluster Arrow is burst damage. For enemies with 1+ million health, burst damage is pointless, and therefore Cluster Arrow sucks.
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Well I hope blizzard notices this thread because I love the animations and idea of cluster arrow but would like to see more...return on interest...interest of 50 hatred that is :P
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Cluster Arrow + Cluster Bomb + 100% crit + x% crit damage (slowed on a trap).... = Boat loads of dmg..... Viable in Inferno....
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Cluster Arrows/Shooting Stars is pretty cool. Also you can one-shot the bugs in act 2 with cluster arrow, so it's useful there.
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05/30/2012 09:25 PMPosted by Eriuc
Cluster Arrow + Cluster Bomb + 100% crit + x% crit damage (slowed on a trap).... = Boat loads of dmg..... Viable in Inferno....

Sure, if you consistently have 100% crit (Sharpshooter doesn't cut it).

NT is miles better
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the damage's pretty awesome, and the secondary attacks hit the main targets a lot as well!

It is sort of viable in Inferno Act 2 with an "always running" build, paired with spike traps.

But I find the NT better against any fast moving demons like imps and serpents -- the higher hits per second 'interrupts' them a lot so that even when they are right next to you.

I use a scatter spike trap/NT/bat/devouring combo with a displacement SS to position my self quickly. spike's so useful you can place it right underneath mobs before they see you, or right underneath elites across terrains that block projectiles.

Not friendly against Reflect Damage though... hard to stay on top of your health.
For these mobs using NT to kill one elite at a time is the key. if NT goes through a mob of elite you are sure to be left with no health...
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