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Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

if there was a way for me to get my money back, i would quit!! But since they still have it, all i can do is rant. Just seeing the d3 button on my desktop makes me sick. I play hardcore, and i have 3 lvl 50+ chars. i havent been able to play them for 2 weeks patches b and c. hardcore is almost impossible now
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yeah men, blizzard is screwing up. i just wish i could go back in time and bought max payne 3 instead
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Same issue here. First ten days or so of the game I could play as much as i wanted. 4-8 hour sessions on the weekends. Since the first patch my game went to crap. My character will be moving along then my followers stop keeping up with me non of my spells fire and I have to hope and pray as I wait for the latency to clear that I not either A: Dead or B: kicked to the login in screen with a 3007 error. This issue started the second the servers went up for the first patch and has persisted ever since. Port forward, plug in directly to modem blah freaking blah... NOTHING.

I'm not all bent of shape and want my money back or anything but freaking fix this... or at the very least acknowledge the flaming problem.
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Ok, I see I'm not the only one with this LATENCY issue. First of all, I have this game installed on 3 seperate computers. 1 Acer Pc, 1 Acer Laptop and 1 Compac Presario. I have no problems playing World of Warcraft on any of them. My ISP Providor Shaw Cable speet test are always 50mbps or faster.

On all 3 of my computer, this game is VERY LAGGY. Nothing else on any of these computers are laggy except this game. I understand Blizzard has to answer to their share holders, but without us "little" people buying this game or anything in the AH or RMAH, there isn't going to be a successful Diablo 3 if you can't get this LATENCY under control. Come on Blizzard, you had 20 years to get this game TWEAKED.

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Since two days after release, the game has been basically perfect for me - until this week. Not sure exactly when the problems started since I didn't play on the weekend, but from Monday night Australian time (Monday early morning US time I guess) until now, D3 has been completely unplayable. Frequent lagspikes where the game stops responding for anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes. If I run a tracert to the server, it is absolutely rock-solid (no packet loss, sub 200ms pings, which is just fine for Australia to USA), so I assume the issues are server side.

Location: Sydney, Australia
ISP: iiNet

Reiterating: played with absolutely NO problems for more than three weeks (100+ hours of gaming logged, I think there was one evening in that time with lag issues), it has only been this week that it has been unplayable.
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Thursday night Aussie time, and once again the game is unplayable. Came to the forums to post while I wait for this current lagspike to end.. it has only been a minute of freeze so far, so I might still have to wait a while longer after I hit "Submit" here.
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same issue here, playing on Asia servers from Shanghai. pre-last patch everyone was ok in terms of latency. Now I am lucky to stay in yellow for more than 5 mins, most of the time its red... sigh.
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*sigh* I give up

Nothing but problems with this game. Login problems, server problems and now this latency. I should have waited for the game to be on sale :P. Maybe by then they will have fixed all these problems.. maybe.

I will propably try it out again in a few months or so, to see if the problems have been fixed or improved, but right now I'm just pulling out my hair in frustration. Getting killed because it takes the game 5-10 seconds to react is really anoying.

Like so many say here.. we have already paid, so all we can do is rant.

I hope Blizzard in the end will live up to the standard they are know for. It was the reason I bought the game to begin with.
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Like so many say here.. we have already paid, so all we can do is rant.

Blizzard shall burn in hell for this.

You guys *#@ging sold us a beta which is hardly even near ready for release.
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lag like hell.. can even do anything at all
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Im finding myself saying this will be the last game i ever buy from blizzard. After the update, I dont see myself wanting to play this game. It just so buggy and lag. If not all most of my friends and I been having this problem since the patch. Is so laggy and hard to play
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Now.... back to Titan Quest.... Where was I... Ah, yessss.... Lagless, pure hack and slash single player RPG....
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Thing is we all bought the game knowing how much Blizzard ignores its customers and only concentrates on profits, it is what business is about. Just be lucky that the US diablo 3 site has all the tabs on the forums. Blizzard couldn't give a toss about the EU players it's why the client was default to US no matter where in the world it was downloaded.

I get unplayable lag on eu servers. (maps dont even load) to lag spikes on the US region. But blizzard have our money and all thinking GG.
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ya i have the same issue ... this is the only game where i have 500+ ms ... how do u want me to get out of fire if it teleport me back right into it .
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I want my money back. I pay for a game and can not even play it right. Besides being required to have internet I can not play right for no apparent reason. Honestly everyone to tell me who will buy it will recommend not to. is very very bad.
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Glad to see I am not the only one with this issue.. game is IMPOSSIBLE to play.
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bump still relevant.
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Managed to actually get one good session of gaming in Friday morning Aussie time - the only time this week that D3 has been remotely playable, I was actually online for 1 hour with no spikes.

Fire up the game now (Saturday morning).. kill two packs of enemies.. and then on the third pack, several minutes long lagspike.

I'm done. I'll take another look at D3 in a month or so to see if Blizzard have done anything about their server issues, but for now, time to write it off and be thankful that I was actually able to get a few weeks enjoyable gaming for my $80.
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Same here but my lag only occurs during peak hours. From about midnight to 11 am or so. In the intervening period the game is unplayable. It only occurs on Diablo 3, only during peak times. It's a clear problem of server load in many cases.

I have some university summer courses I'm taking and I will no longer be able to stay up till 4 am to have a decent gaming experience.

So many reports of latency issues scream that they are peak time server load issues.

I guess they already have our money though, what do they care.

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