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Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

Same issue. Horrible lag spikes since patch. Hard to play when you die so often from lagging out.
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bye bye $60? So if the game doesn't perform right in the first week you don't play it again. I'm sure they will fix it at some point to where you can play what you payed for... haha
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30ms ping to every game on the planet. spiking 300-1200 every 5 mins in d3, this is the 3rd day for me its been borderline unplayable.
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Lowest ping I've ever had is around 150, usually its higher, especially during peak hours.

This comes with noticeable skill lag and rubber banding, especially apparently during "stutter-step" micro.

Is anyone at Blizzard investigating this? The last I heard, they didn't see any problems on their end, which worries me.
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Still amuses me how I can do 25man raids in WoW but not 4man parties in D3...

Actually no, it doesn't amuse me.
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I'm having the exact same issue. I'm currently at a friends house and every time I come here the latency drops in the red. I drive to my house 4 miles away, and have perfect latency and completely lag free. As I set here with latency in the red and unable to play, my friend sitting two feet away from me is playing with no issues.

Whats going on here?
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If you're getting a ton of spikes, that's not blizzard's end. If you're seeing a constant 300ms with the odd spike, welcome to Diablo 3. People will tell you they don't lag because they've got used to playing with such high latency, but trust me, everyone is getting 200-400ms most of the time.

I have had very small windows of 60ms ping, and it was like a brand new game, I couldn't believe how much better it was.
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100+ a month for a business class connection and can't play D3? Pathetic.
Tracert gave me a DESTINATION NET UNREACHABLE. Awesome.
It's not my box, based on speedtest it's not my connection.
We're just a bunch of beta test monkeys stupid enough to fork over 60 bucks for a half-baked product.

49.7 Mbps Down
31.4 Mbps Up
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I've been having similar problems that have come up since the new patch. The lag is awful, but I'm confident Blizzard will fix it soon.
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I do not think this will get fixed. This is the 8th day for me..everything was good until one days last week they did something to the AH then boom i can't play anymore crazy latency spikes every 10 seconds..Not one blue has said anything. if you call they tell you that it's my ISP...I have done everything one can to get this fixed and still nothing.
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OMG!!! i just bought a different modem and it resolved my problem!! i was using a SB6121 motorola modem. hope this helps!! I was able to do everything with the old modem but play this game!All is well and i am getting zero spikes! New modem is an older motorola modem
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Yep, it's definitely something screwy with the latest patch. It was playing fine until they made changes now my characters jump everywhere and spells sometimes don't fire or fire 5 seconds late.
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I have to admit that now after the new patch the game has become unplayable for me as well.

Before the DL of the patch all was fine now it is unplayable. I play a DH, when I fire my char. will go through the motions yet will not see the arrows fly. Then I get mobbed, then I die and all is over.

I have an extremely fast system that I actually compile code in the back ground while I play D3. It was never an issue before last night. I even logged into EVE online to see if it was something on my end. But no, EVE ran fine along with the compiler running, last.fm running, and a few other things I just burdened the system with to see if it was me.

This I know gives no comfort to those that are in the same boat. I guess I post in assurance that it is NOT your gear if it just happened.

I will not port forward or compromise my system or tailor it for a game. If this is now the norm I will just contact American Express and start the refund process which Blizzard will then have to fight (they will lose).
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I just fought Diablo and one minute I was trying to fire a disintegrate beam with nothing happening, the next I'm running away while firing my beam, the next I have no health suddenly for some reason, then I appeared on the other side of the area in his bone prison and died! It's like alternate realities converging!

It's totally unplayable until they fix it.
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Same issue here. Hope they will fix this asap. Otherwise it is not playable.
It was started this morning after patch.
Latency around 400-800ms , it was 90-160ms before patch.
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the game used to be fine, now its unplayable - spikes between 130ms to well over 2000ms - is this being investigated ??
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nevermind latency spikes. I'm running between 2.5K and 4.3K all the time... can't even tell if it spikes because of the delay. Been like this since patch aswell. would love for this to be fixed before i get home from work as i work in isolation for another 3 nights. if not fixed by then i hope for some sort of bonus for the lost time.
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Why can't you fix your damn game??? I want my money back! I cant even stay in one lobby without terrible lag.
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I've been having lots of issues lately with spikes in lag. Sometimes it can be so bad it makes the game nearly unplayable.

My connection is solid its not a local problem.
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05/30/2012 08:07 PMPosted by youkay
30ms ping to every game on the planet. spiking 300-1200 every 5 mins in d3, this is the 3rd day for me its been borderline unplayable.

Same issue. Played great until last patch. Now I keep getting lag spikes randomly. Very frustrating when playing with friends that are relying on you. I hope this thread gets enough posts that it gets some admin attention.
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