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Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

im not sure if this was said yet...

NEVER plug your computer directly into an open internet connection without any sort of router/firewall unless that connection has a router/firewall between it and the line that connects to the main ISP pipe.

if you want to do it for fun, try it and see how fast you get hacked or doused with viruses and other malicious junk that is floating around the poorly designed national grids

edit* might as well mention why: the IP address your computer uses is generally an IP address a router/gateway would subnet out and give you, making it impossible for someone to get your PC's IP without some real hacking work, so if you dont have the router/gateway/firewall your IP is basically advertised to every website, game server etc you visit, allowing millions of people to know the direct access route to your computer.

sort of like if you sent a package to someone using your real home address as a return address they would know exactly where you live, but if you use a PO box then they don't know where you live even if you send the package with a return addy of a PO box, they might know the city but that's it...CCNA 101!

it only takes 60 seconds to hack a windows based machine if it's on a network without a firewall/router and isn't optimized for security (padded passwords etc)
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Well i'm not tech savvy. all i know is.. i bought this game with 60 bucks i didn't have to spend, lol. And it played perfect. Now i can't play at all.

At first it was error 3003, i looked up many of the tricks, and tried them..and a few worked for a day or so. But don't last.
Then it was error 3005...
error 3007..
It's like..i can't log in and play for more than 5 min...

Blizzard, fix yer s#!%.. or refund my money.
Prefer the fixes though, that'd be real nice.
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as much as i want to say this might be clientside non-network related and maybe just some compatibility issue, it's possible giving your ISP a call might benefit your situation.

if it's an outsourced customer service call center (if you're in america and the call center isn't) chances are you wont get the help you need, you might but it will be a frustrating journey, if they offer to send someone out to your home to check your network make sure you ask that they don't charge you for that as some sneaky service providers try to tack on added fee's for this service.

as i said before i didn't read all the previous posts but i figured i could jump in and offer 2 cents.

GL, sorry i couldn't help more than that :(
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Blizz just fix the problem allready ffs! stop putting all the work in wow becaus it's a BIG inc of money :x hypocrites!
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Dear Blizzard,
I'm sorry for whatever I did to you, I apologize. I didn't mean to do it, & I'll never do it again. All I want is to play Diablo III for a few hours this weekend and I'll be happy. I don't think thats too much to ask. I'll give you more money, download whatever you ask me to, wear that cursed helmet or anything you say. Just please make the game work. Please.....
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So lagged, so terrible. Been like this all week, every night my pings jumps everywhere. Blizzard, I will ask Santa for a better server this year.
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if u cant give us a good server Made ur game off ur server please don't waste a good game on ur server
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lol i thought it was my connection.. i just bought the game this morning.. and i keep getting lag spike.. *!!%*#%%% man!
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Same here. Noticeable lag and disconnection about every 30 minutes. Since patch 1.06 or about 2 weeks ago.
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For three days now after I have been playing for a minute or two there will be periods where my entire screen freezes, except for my character who can still move around and cast but can't interact with any enemies or drops. Also, I can chat just fine during these periods of LAG. Then once it is over my latency will spike towards 600-1000 or more and that will last a few seconds. The game is basically unplayable. I could put up with the unfix-able micro-stutters but this is just ridiculous.
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I just bought the game. I'm excited to play. It's on the playable part through the download, but I get this error anyone got any links to fixes. I have tried a few already. Like delete the blizzard entertainment, and battle.net folders and such.
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having same issue as other last few day high latency spikes making game next to impossible to play.
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I've been having the same issues for the past 2 days. It happens on rare occasions before that, but nothing to this extent. I've fiddled with my graphics card setting, PING, anything i can think of. I'm not sure when the patch was released but the problems arose around Dec 23. It's really frustrating me and I hope there is a resolution to this problem soon because I'm going to have to buy a different game if this continues.
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I've been DCing a lot just the past 2 days. I wasn't sure if it was my connection or not, but I guess its the servers. I have excellent signal strength right now so. Would reinstalling the game fix this? Or is it simply waiting for them to fix this?
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12/24/2012 03:07 PMPosted by MetalWarri0r
I've been DCing a lot just the past 2 days. I wasn't sure if it was my connection or not, but I guess its the servers. I have excellent signal strength right now so. Would reinstalling the game fix this? Or is it simply waiting for them to fix this?

Reinstalling didn't help me at all. They have to admit the problem is on their end before they can work to fix it. They are still blaming it on our end.
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OMG! So many disconnects and lag spikes tonight (EU). I've never been one to A: post on Forums. B: Think anything bad about the always connected "feature"

It's terrible and unplayable. I know there's nothing wrong my end.

Little embarrassing that a gaming company can't get this simple thing right- plus I never ever see a blue response.
Been getting worse and worse.
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Hello, I'm from the Philippines and currently on "The Americas" server. I had this same sh1t also of having a very high and unstable latency. I also tried switching to "Asia" server(but it annoys 'cause almost all dudes out there don't commune in English, all in Mandarin and Korean stuff). Sometimes it falls to "0" latency and after some minutes (about 3-5) and it will suddenly skyrockets for up to 5000+! I can play SC2 just fine but diablo 3 is nearly unplayable for me anymore. Will this problem unsolvable until it's ENDGAME already??? Damn it!
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I totally agree, this game is just unplayable now and I can't stand it! I shouldn't be having this issue, my internet is fine and so is my computer... Someone from Blizzard please fix Diablo so it works properly.
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Never had an issue before patch now latency is horrible. All other games play just fine. Thought I would just add to the list...
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