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Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

I am having the same problem and it did not start until the 1.02 patch. I have been playing fine since launch with little no lag or disconnections. I have 2 roommates that also play on the same internet connection and they do not have this problem.
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Its server side. Blizzard shat on the importance of this game by throwing it on the back burner for years, then forcing you to play through their HORRID servers.

I for one can actually ping 80 to one of the servers (which i can connect to 1 in 50 times), but even then ITS LAGGY, which is probably why it forces me to the 250 latency servers.

Im amazed that free to play games such as LEAGUE OF LEGENDS has better servers and support. FREAKING AMAZED.
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I just literally can't play this game right now. I had a little bit of latency before patch 1.0.2a but never horrible and was normally running below 100ms however since the patch I've been getting ridiculous spikes going from below 100ms to over 1500ms on average every minute or two, naturally right when I'm fighting an elite pack in Inferno. I can still play Hell because it's not very hard and the mobs don't just straight up kill me unless I'm super unlucky but it's quite frustrating and not really a gaming experience I want to endure, especially since it's not the highest difficulty making it extremely hard to acquire gold or items to help me progress further and play with friends. I pinged my router, everything normal, did a tracert and that came back fine so I don't know what it is. I have two friends who play that live about a block away who haven't had any problems. I just don't know what to do. Hopefully the next patch fixes it or something but for now it's unplayable. I should mention that in any other game I have no problems with latency and my internet connection seems to be fine when downloading or doing other activities on the computer.
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Same issue, I cant play this game now because of lag spikes from 100~1000ms. Ever since I update my game I now experiencing lag at random times... Please fix it blizzard.
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Don't expect a blue to post on the average to over 2k+ latency spike threads. They seem to be avoiding it like it's dog !@#$. Never seen a blue post in one of the threads or even mention the issue.
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I'm getting rubber banded to the extent sometimes I can't even move from one spot in empty terrain and I'm getting killed by monsters after I've run away with none around me yet somehow their blows are still landing.
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Roll back the last patch Blizzard, it seems to have done more harm than good.
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06/02/2012 07:43 AMPosted by Merlin
Roll back the last patch Blizzard, it seems to have done more harm than good.

+1, haven't played diablo 3 since patch due to lag.
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Yup, utterly unplayable.
Its not gone as smoothly as you'd hope after that loooong wait!
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Same here:( almost unplayable and/or costing a lot of repairs:(..............
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bump, Still a laggy POS and no blue post to acknowledge there is a problem.
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Just got my first latency problems today, and as I can see I'm not alone at all... Does anyone's have gotten better over time or fixed???

I have never had any problems like this in any game, not even WOW, and I haven't changed anything on my computer, so it's definitively not on my end.

I think we all *know* that this is Blizzard since they haven't said a word about it. Silence means only one of two things: either they have no idea what's wrong or they can't fix it.

I feel cheated... $60 for a game that I should be able to play anytime I want, at least in SP (which is what I play the most anyway), but I keep having to wait for their server issues, their maintenance, their errors, etc.

Blizzard, please, patch it so we can play the SP offline. Please.

It just makes sense.
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same here..horrible latency spikes after latest patch! game is unplayable! =(
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Damn, these latency spikes make the game unplayable. It happened after the patch.

Hi Blizzard team, please fix this so we can play again.

Many thanks!
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Normally, I get a little lag causing rubber banding here and there, but tonight it is every couple seconds and unplayable on Hell.
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One more with latency spikes and disconnects after patch. Had some stuttering before patch but ping usually well below 200. Now spiking into red, rubberbanding, getting stuck in place etc.
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Another one getting lag spikes. Yup, started right after the patch. Trying to progress in Inferno and dealing with lag is making me want to never purchase another blizzard product again.
We all payed for a game you forced us to play online, so FIX YOUR !@#$!
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The latency meter, just like some blue said once, is not only showing the response time from your pc to their server (ping), but the whole process to make your action happen, wich involves server process. What does this means?, it means that if the server is overloaded (like US servers are right now) you are gonna get high latency.

Long story short, you can have the most stable/fast internet connection out there, but if Blizzard dont take actions to improve/buy more servers.. the situation wont change.
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hasn't blizzard made enough money from WoW? help us diablo 3 players out
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