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Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

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So, Diablo 3 is nearly unplayable for me lately. I basically have to keep exiting the game and reopening it and waiting like 30 minutes hoping that the latency becomes playable because it's always spiking form 300ms to 2k+ ms. Any time I click something nothing happens until like 2 minutes later.

But I have no other games that have this issue. I admit that my internet is not good at all, but why would Diablo 3 be the only game I'm having latency issues with? Are there any fixes for this or is this purely a Blizzard-side issue? Getting kinda annoyed at this point... :(

Edit: Since this patch, I've now been stuck at 700+ ms and the game is literally unplayable now.

I have the same issue before, i recently changed my graphics to lower resolution simply solve the problem sometimes, but still sometimes the issue exist, anyway, at least playable sometimes.
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same here.+1

maybe this is a way to make inferno harder??


just sameone tall us what to do.if blizz say its not them just say its not u and help us out by saying what it might be...

even i m sure its blizz side at list 50% folt.
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I'm having retarded latency issues atm, I can't play more than 30 minutes without having it spike to 1500+.
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This is the only game I have this issue with. Horrid lag spikes. I seriously hope to see a fix or at least acknowledgement that this is an item at the top of the Dev's to-do-list. I cant imagine having their game unplayable for their customers is something they desire.
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Had to log in just to say issue is happening to me as well. My game use to run perfectly smooth with just the occassional hiccup, now it just lags. I can't recall if it started to lag nonstop around the patch or not, but it has gotten worse. I'm with everyone else here, this game is now unplayable.
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I don't think I can say it's not fair that we're piling on these complaints to Blizzaard. They had all of alpha and beta to make sure this type of thing didn't happen. For goodness sake, ToR had less lag issues at it's launch and it's an MMO with ties to EA for god's sake.
And to make matters worse, the last patch made the lag worse for seemingly...everyone....
I regularly get 1k-2k ms every 10sec-1 minute with an average of 500 ms in between the spikes making hell/inferno all by unplayable.
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How do we create a petition?

I know that we bought the game, so we are costumers, and that gives us the right to claim for a good service... but where do we complaint?

I'm pretty sure Blizzard has it in the user agreement that they have full right to ignore petitions of any kind and can even punish those who make them or something of the like.
Correct me if I'm wrong- I just remember something about it a while ago.

Edit: Sorry for double post/bump I just wanted to say something else.
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unplayable for me since launch day .
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My problem exactly
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Why do they not responding? WHY THE !@#$ I PAYED THOSE MONEY JUST TO SEE THE DIABLO 3 ICON?? Please replay! Tell atleast that you working on it! make people chill a little!!!
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I am having the same issue. The worked great for the about the first week and then last week I can't play at all. I from a lat of 150 to 2000 in the span of a few seconds as soon as I log in and it does not get any better. I get lag even when I an just standing there with no NPC around me. I am using FIOS in VA. It sounds like this is an issue for many people using different ISP and in different locations. If that is true I have a hard time believing it is each person's own equipment. If it was my computer why did it work great for a week and then stop? I have not made any updates to my machine or installed any other software. Hope Blizzard fixes this soon or if it is everyone's computer post a why it is happening so we can fix our computers.
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+1.....unplayable most of the weekend...especially at USA west coast peak times...

Edit: Australian player.
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Unplayable latency too :( with mob around 1000 +, with nothing its 200
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Just had to stop playing multiplayer due to it. Hopped into single player only to find it worse. Unplayable on nightmare. Keeping lagging, then catching up and boom, dead.

Spent 1000's of coins repairing my stuff in the past few days due to this rubber banding
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I'm having the exact same problems. Game played fine until a few days ago. Now it stays between 500ms - 2000ms. Specially when there's a lot of action in the screen, the latency can spike to 3000ms.

Interesting thing is, WoW is working perfectly at 120ms. I can do 25 man / raid finder with zero issues.

Please Blizzard, I've been a WoW customer for 5 years. I know it is extremely hard for you guys to admit that there's a problem. Also, you know that some kind of answer is needed because there is a problem for many users, is not just a handful. Something really weird is happening on the network, maybe AT&T have problems? I just did a tracert and the two last hops dropped packets.

I have an Intel i3, 8Gb Corsair Vengeance, Radeon HD 5770 and 10Mbps Cable. EVERY other game is working perfectly, except Diablo 3.

Please, let us know how can we help you solve this issue.
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same problems here too.

My only real concern with the game is latency, rubberbanding (which makes me shake my head at single player), and disconnects.

Every other game I've played (including WoW) had a ping under 100ms, except for this one, I'm normally playing D3 around 350ms and then that spikes up randomly, causing massive rubberbanding or disconnects, and character death. I don't really want to get into hardcore and die cause of some stupid server issue.
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Unplayable on nightmare, dead before the lag stops, can't kill gold guy cause the lag is sooo bad. Im done playing till its fixed, this is beyond acceptable! We deserve a response to this issue....even if its by twitter.
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I've been trying to play, but the lag is so awful that it even seems to get disconnected from server for about 15-30 seconds, then I kind of see what happened in that time like in fast-forward; sadly something always kill me in that lapse.
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