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Does Blizzard allow us to use keyboard macros

Hey guys,

Just wanted to know if blizzard allows keyboard macros to play. Is it looked at as "legal"?
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I was also wondering about this. Being a CM/T wiz, it kinda screws up your hand and fingers.
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officially there is no word from bliz on this topic however if you look at the diablo 3 mouse and kb adn stuff that they sell the actual hardware allows for macro/micro use, on the ToS there si some crap about having ot play the game without automation or something bla bla bla and i'm sure i saw a blue post aboutit somewhere.

long story short, it's a grey area you may be banned if they see some fishy activety, but alot of people do use it and are fine.

Personally i have thought about using it but i jsut don't see how pressing 1 button a million times is any different from pressing 2 buttons a million times, i'm still makign the same motion and i'll get the same middle finger from all the medical problems it will cause lol so i'm not riskign it because i don't see a benifit to my build and play style.
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I don't use macros too, becouse I'm so afraid of loosing my toon. :-)
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Official word goes that it's not allowed but nobody can confirm someone has been banned for using CM/WW macro's either. There is one topic on this matter but the poster is kind of suspicious with his odd name:


People haven't been banned for the gear switching that was going on for quite a while either as far as I know.
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Please don't get carpel tunnel playing d3 guys.
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blizzard sells peripherals with macroing ability so it would be pretty ridiculous if they didnt allow them. and as far as i know no one has been banned for using them. Also there is really no way for them to know as a macro is just sending keypresses to the program it looks the same as if you were smashing the buttons yourself.

I have a razer naga and i have it setup so when i hold the 6 button on the side of the mouse, it spams nova/explosion/dskin and i hold left click down for tornados, right click for teleport repositions.
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I'm on the pro macro side.

This comes up from time to time...every month or so....and we debate if it violates ToS. I'm not going to repeat everything everyone else has said. At the end of the day...has anyone been banned?


End of story. And there are more CM's out there than ever before. And none have been banned. Save your fingers.

Options include:

  • Auto Hot key, simply download and install. I've never used this though
  • Programmable macro mouse (Razer Naga (which I use), the official Diablo3 mouse, etc)
  • Gaming keyboard (I've seen SteelSeries recommend alot. With these, you can hold down multiple buttons and all of them will continue to send...unlike a normal keyboard which will only send one)
  • Cheers....and happy spamming!
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    Basically: What PieHole said.

    A very big chunk of the Diablo III players used Magic Find switching macros in the first couple patches of the game (Including myself). When CM got out, I programmed my keyboard (Razer Arctosa) to spam 1, 2, 3 when I hold Tab, which I've been doing since 1.03.
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