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Help with late Hell build

Maybe i am not very good at this game but I continue to struggle against rare/elite packs. I know certain ones are a pain but I seem to struggle with more than just those. I have tried multiple strats and none seem to be the answer. Most the time my templar dies quickly and i am left to die as they run through my traps and punch me in the face. Please help!
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people need more info, like what packs you are struggling most against and what current skills and runes you are using.
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Your problem probably lies more in your gear than your strat. Give us some info like Knyghtrage said. What is your current hp/dps/crit/move speed/spec.

I am going to be putting together a DH gear strat so look for it coming the next few days to see if it helps you.
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thats my problem, i have tried just about every build i can think of and i still get train wrecked. Seems to me once I am out of dicispline, i am toast. Right now i am using Traps w/immobilze, SS with Lingering Fog, Prep w/ Backup Plan, Bat companion, Hungering Arrow w/ cinder arrow, Elemental arrow w/ frost, Sharpshooter, Steady aim, Archery skills.

HP- 12680
Dps- 8400
Crit- 100% atm with sharpshooter
Move- 0%
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From nightmare all the way through hell I used this build:


Once I hit 59, I switched out rapid fire for Nether Tentacles. The 3rd passive is personal preference. I went with Brooding for most of it just to increase my passive regen until I got to the next pack. Elite packs were mostly about kiting. Caltrops help quite a bit with that, plus with Jagged Spikes, they're taking damage while you're kiting them through the caltrops.

For packs, jagged spikes + multishot made everything insanely easy. I just made sure I had a reasonable amount of health and damage through it all. I got lucky and managed to get a few decent weapon drops during my runs, but if you don't just go buy a cheap high damage crossbow on the AH. They're relatively cheap.

Note that once you high inferno, all bets are off. It's hard to whittle away 1 million hitpoints on a champion using caltrops.
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Get some better gear, specifically a better weapon. I went from 2.5k to 5k at 51 by using sharpshooter and bought only a 787dps xbow which puts me at 14k with SS @ 55. I'm just starting act 2 but it's a cakewalk in hell so far. You can one shot mobs and I hit multishot when I see a crit go off (SS usually) since my crit chance is aroun 15. (all crit) I'm sitting at 25k health with 12 move. About 150 crit dmg. I have a very high life regen (180 a tick) and 150 xp. It's good stats for leveling and allows mistakes. Just sort for gear 25k or less and you'll find upgrades on the cheap. Splurge on a 500+ weapon and get 8+ boots. I Have 44-46 rares except amulets and rings (lvl 30) and spent 25k and less on each item. If you are close to 60 there should be much better gear options but level 44 was golden for me. The Xbow was 120k but very worth it.
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