Which IDs are you talking about? I'm not quite following you. Did I ever say I believe session hijacking in D3 was real?

no but the point is ya mb my explination didnt make sence but The only way for them to session jack you and steal all your stuff would be to Dll override the game on there end decrypt the packet data of your chr. get the binary hex values of the items Meaning the item id's Strip u of it and not get cought by blizzard in the process of doing it. As You would more times then not get flagged by warden (aka the diablo 3 anti cheat system etc).

it would be faster to just phish u get your login info and just log in as u

"DII override" - What is DII override? What does Diablo 2 have to do with D3 in this regard?

"binary hex" - What's binary hex? A numeral system is either binary or hexadecimal (or any other base), but not both.

Seems like the thread is capped.

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