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Diablo 3 black screen , had to force shutdown

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I had no problems with diablo 3 since launch on my pc until today. I experienced a black screen while playing diablo 3 , my pc wasn't responding at all and i practically had to manually power it off by hitting on the power on/off button.

Also , im having frame rate latency problems too at the same time , when fps drops to 10-15 from the usual 60ish fps for a split second.

I have no idea what is the problem, is it my computer or the game itself. For now i might try to reinstall diablo 3 and update my drivers ( apparently i haven't did anything to my computer that made it crash like that , it was fine for the past 3 weeks )

My pc specs are these

windows 7 64 bits
zotac z68 itx + intel i5 2500k
8gb ram
evga 560ti DS
power supply = default 600W bronze comes with silverstone sg-07 case
Did not overclock or anything
hdd = WD 1tb black + crucial 128gb ssd

thats all i guess. hope these info helps.

1st time when my pc froze ) playing the game normally and suddenly my screen goes off , pc went into coma state.

2nd time ) was browsing the AH and pc went into coma

3rd time ) i did a prime 95 run for 2hrs and there was no error. i STOPPED the test and launch diablo 3 . After 5minutes in D3 , my pc goes into coma.

Anyone who is having this issue or had this problem too and know how to solve it , please help me , thanks for your time.
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Posts: 220
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Posts: 220
pc died again for the 4th , played d3 for an hour and 5minutes before my pc died , i noticed the fps dropped from 60 to 30 for a few seconds and if feels laggy to play

Windows error report when i restarted my pc

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP2: FFFFF88003812F10
BCP4: 0000000000000004
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1
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My fella's been having this blackscreen & crash problem all of today...
Every single time it's loaded it's crashed his pc and made a horrible buzzing sound through the speakers. He's never had a problem with D3 before.

It's me that's been having the 3-10 seconds crash with a "driver not responding" error. Both of us are now pretty sick of this game messing us about!! Neither of us have overclocked pcs; they're fairly high end specs and we both run Windows 7 64 bit. No other game or program does this to us, and trust me, my pc is able to run serious 3d design and imaging software without issue.
Something, somewhere, is really, really broken in the code for D3's video output.

How long does it take, how many errors have to happen, before someone fixes what is broken with Diablo 3?? And when will we get a response for when it will be fixed??
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Not sure if this helps or not

I had similar issues with my pc. I had fixed the problems by doing three things:

1) Setting my memory from 1600 to 1333 in the bios
2) Setting my default PCI Lane to Generation 2 in the bios as well (some new boards default to Generation 3). Your card is generation 2.
3) In game: Set frame rate to 50 (max) and worked it up slowly. I now have it set to 80 with all my effects around medium to high with no issues.

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just wondering if your problem is anything like mine:

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I have same problem. got that same scenario on saturday and havent been able to play since. It looks like video card drivers just fail. after restart I could noe even play Minecraft.

when i reinstalled my drivers everything was functional untill i started D3... hope this getting fixed soon.
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Issue needs immediate attention. This is destroying GPUs. Do NOT try to keep rebooting over and over, eventually, the heat WILL destroy your GPU, as this happened to myself and 2 friends. Sticky this, please.
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Same issue with my brand new EVGA GTX 680 superclocked card...
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Having the same issue:
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Same problem here :(
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Same problem with Sapphire 6850.
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Dual 6970s here. Black screen out of nowhere, had to do a manual cold reboot. Seemed okay. Ati alerted me that there was a new driver. Downloaded and installed it. Again, everything fine. Booted up D3, hit the login screen for a flash and then bam, black screen again. Now I can't shake it- computer is clearly on and running but I can't even see a post screen. Monitor seems to detect a signal but just black screen.

Was writing this post when monitor abruptly decided to start working again. Ten minutes of cold rebooting, I am displeased. As noted, I am fully up to date on my drivers, but it appeared with the previous version too. Kind of scared of trying the game again now.
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Playing since launch and no problems until today. Now, everything mentioned above and can't play the game anymore. Black screen and reboot, random computer restarting, etc. I can't even make it past the login screen anymore. Very disappointing. It's only D3 causing the problem right now.
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Same problem here, it's happened a few time in the last day or two and only with D3. I've had all sorts of performance and stability issues with the game since the last patch and have had NO problems up to this point.

I also got a BSOD earlier, while browsing the AH...
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What is sad that till now ,there isnt any official fix from blizzard.I am getting disapointed and i think i regret spending 60 euro for a game that freeze's once at 10 min...
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You can try running in windowed mode. For some people that fixes the black screen issue, although it certainly is not perfect. I am one of the folks who can't even get past the log-in screen due to it going black and locking up the PC unless I am in windowed mode.
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I keep mine in windowed mode and i still get black screens.
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The same here.
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I have mine in Windowed mode too and lowered all the graphics but i still get black screens and have to force restart
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