Diablo® III

This game is UNPLAYABLE " NVidia GT 540m prob

Simply unplayable, I've searched around for fixes and have had no luck. I simply cant play, the FPS drop is ridiculous. I don't know what to do. I've reformatted, reinstalled and have tried almost everything. New drivers ect..

My computer should be able to run this game with ease... "acer aspire 5830tg-6626"
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Video card is only a GT, but a 500 series should not be an issue.

The reason you are not getting great FPS is because your CPU is bottlenecking and can not provide information to the Video Card fast enough. You need to upgrade your CPU to a quad core if you wish to get better FPS.

How low FPS drop are you calling ridiculous?...I expect to see you getting 20-30 FPS with a duel core and that video card.
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don't worry man alot of people are having this problem since the update the game ran fine for me until the update i have an i7 with the 540m i had to move the files to a usb flash drive and had stable fps with usb 3.0 then the update now fps is unstable again LAME! goes from 50 then when i aggro enemies down to the single digits
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I have the the exact card and it works just fine for me apart from the stuttering which happens more than it should can still play the game fine casting spells and multi mobs is ok they really need an animation FIX for this game im sure in time it will come out...
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i reduced the FPS to 60 max, it helps a bit, and not as bad as before.

but hopefully the next patch or so blizzard will release a patch for it / nvidia knows of this issue and release a patch for it.
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I have a 560m and prior to patch 1.0.2 I was running maxed out with no slowdown whatsoever. Now the game is unplayable. The 540m should play this game fine. I suspect it's the patch that is screwing you up just like me and tons of other people. Just browse this forum and you will see what I mean. Patch 1.0.2 basically messed up the game for A LOT of people.
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I have the same video card (GT 540m), and the game worked 100% fine for me from the day it came out until last night (6-9-12), when in the middle of a farming run I suddenly dropped to 2-4 fps. Have tried reducing the max fps and many other things and nothing has worked
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Does your Laptop have Optimus enabled? If so then the problem is probably neither the game being slow nor your GPU not being up to snuff. On my laptop I have to manually switch to the dedicated GPU otherwise it defaults to the Intel GPU.

Try righ-clicking the .exe file and manually selecting the Nvidia graphics via the "Run with graphics processor" option.
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Hey not sure if anyone is still having this problem but I too have a 540m and I contacted blizzard support. They told me I just have to wait for an update. That is the answer I got.
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As far as I remember, GT 540M does not meet the minimum requirement to run the game.
It will run pretty smooth under lowesting video setting but once you are in 3+ players and a lot is happenning on the screen, it can drop to 1FPS.
No problems found on solo playing.

Samsung RF711-SC04
1600x900 resolution.
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