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Linux / Wine issues

Ok installing 32bit nvidia libs did the trick...so now I can have kmod nvidia and dont have to compile drivers myself.

But now when I login my diablo account from wine it logs me in but doest give me my characters...offers me to make new one instead. :S

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See here, logged into same account.

I tried to chmod -R diablo dir maybe it has trouble downloading data....
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Stupid me forgot to change region, nvm.
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But still cant join games:
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But still cant join games:

I haven't seen that error yet, but another thread on the forums from a few days ago suggests deleting (or temporarily moving out of the way) the d3-update MPQ files. It's possible there was a botched download of one of the update files:


Here are the sha1 checksums for my updates (en_US region):
$ sha1sum Program\ Files/Diablo\ III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/enUS/*.MPQ
25ff075d7140fdc01f87514f78bb65cdf714b9f0 Program Files/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/enUS/d3-update-enUS-9558.MPQ
ab38c24eeb3403813605449f86c6a8e3cda9a622 Program Files/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/enUS/d3-update-enUS-9749.MPQ
56ad2056b9eb4e71251561479a13dced5343c4ba Program Files/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/enUS/d3-update-enUS-9858.MPQ
6c564fd532f99b2a9d8fded3c2a7903380c0e8c5 Program Files/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/enUS/d3-update-enUS-9950.MPQ
a4bf8459ca867d5ffb9750f8a9b839bfdeaef832 Program Files/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/enUS/d3-update-enUS-9991.MPQ
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Yeh I deleted them but now Diablo3 launcher.exe wont open :S
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So I uninstalled it and tried to re-install. Downloaded fresh installed, and it crashes during install. After that launcher doesnt open.

So cant install it again basically.

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You might try installing it with playonlinux. If nothing else, it will install into its own dedicated wine directory, so any garbage left by the previous installation should not interfere with the new installation. Here's a post on the PoL forum where a Fedora 17 x86_64 user describes a successful install:


Looking at your screenshot, I see you removed the 'Diablo III' folder in 'Program Files', but there are other files that get installed as well. In my wine root, I also see files in 'Program Files/Common Files', 'users/Public/Application Data/Battle.net' and 'users/Public/Application Data/Blizzard Entertainment/Battle.net'.

If it doesn't work with playonlinux, then something else (not just the previous installation) is still causing you problems.
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I used playonlinux and wine-diablo3-v3 version of wine, now I get 70-110 FPS great performance, GOLD rating. Thanks guys.
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That's great news. I'm glad to hear you were able to get it working!
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My wine installation is totally borked after trying to compile wine 1.5.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 and removing it the wrong way. Is there a way to run diablo3 from wine64? I can't get playonlinux to work anymore.
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Massive Performance issues.

AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.8 GHZ
8 Gbytes of DDR3 RAM
NVidia GTX 460 SE (1gb)
SATA III hard drive

I am running Linux Debian testing and I've updated/upgraded to the latest. The drivers I am using are nvidia-glx debian distro. I have read everywhere that machines with much less than what I have are getting much better performance using wine so I must be doing something wrong.

I installed wine 1.5.6 and compiled from source.
I can't get the game to install as a non-root user even though I am in the SUDO group and the ROOT group (I am actually in EVERY GROUP as I tried to get full access much like root has). When I rune wine 'Diablo III Setup.exe' I get the error that it doesn't have internet access but the second I go to sudo wine 'Diablo III Setup.exe' it installs fine (just under /root/.wine instead of /user/.wine

The only way I can get it to actually load is via VIRTUALIZED DESKTOP under winecfg(which I think is what is killing me here). I am running in 1920x1080 but even if I change the rez to more 1400 x 900 or 1600x 1200 I still get the same results.

EVERYTHING in GAME is set to LOW including LOW FX. If I taskset -c 0 (run the game on one core) I get the best results but that's only around 20 FPS even one player. Running with all cores, 2 thru 5 cores brings me in the 6 fps and 1 fps when playing with someone else.

I only played version 1.0.2 so I can't tell you if it worked before hand. I can provide any logs you need. I am an intermediate linux user w/ full access to root and logs (pending I Know where they stored).

Please help me out, doesn't the performance seem massively wrong?

NOTE: to run the game I cd to directory where Diablo III.exe is and run 'taskset -c 0 'Diablo III.exe' -launch'
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using setarch i386 -3 befofre my previous run command seemed to fix EVERYTHING. I can run everything at HIGH w/ anti-aliasing and it works like a champ. It must be the way the memory is address via 64bit...weird.
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06/19/2012 09:16 AMPosted by nyet
using setarch i386 -3 befofre my previous run command seemed to fix EVERYTHING

Doesn't work if you are running a 32-bit user space.

Have you tried the patch which was posted to the wine ticket? The patch achieves the same result without relying on personality(PER_LINUX32_3GB).

You can try it out with PlayOnLinux. I'm using their "1.5.5-DiabloIII_v3" build which incorporates this patch:
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Recently there have been some posts on the wine AppDB page about accounts being banned, and the posters suspect it was because they were using wine. Last time I tried to log-in on Linux, I got a message about my account being locked because of a change in my access pattern, though I was able to log in fine once I logged-in from windows. Those two things combined have made me leery about running the game on Linux, my main OS, for fear that I might get wrongly banned. I'd rather not have to reboot into my windows install every time I want to play the game.

That said, are there any actions that should be avoided that would contribute to suspicion or the possibility of getting banned when running the game on Linux with wine?
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Running Diablo III under wine is not a bannable offence to my knowledge. Many (many) people run other Blizzard games under wine without issues, myself included, so I don't think it's a pattern involving wine users but perhaps something else.
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No trouble here, and I play exclusively through wine. If I ever do have any problems, I'll be sure to mention it on this thread.

Is it possible that the battle.net server actually did detect abnormal/suspicious activity on your account? If that happened to me, I would change my password as a precautionary measure, and put in a support ticket asking what might have happened.
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