Diablo® III

Achievement: In a Hurry

Goal is to complete each Act in an hour's time (one hour per Act). Does anyone know if the "timer" stops whenever you're logged off?

Edit: Found out it doesn't. Finished Act 1 in 40 minutes but in two periods of playing (logged off in between) and I didn't get the achievement. Has to be in one sitting.
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Good to know...bummer about not getting it though!
I plan on leveling up a character, then play in "Normal" and tear through it!!
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I think I'll do the same as SteelHammer, I really want that wolf sigil.
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a grey direwolf on a white field..... winter is coming

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GeX... That's what I was going for as well hahah
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that will be impossible
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the achievement is impossible. the only act i could complete under 1 hour is act 4 due its very short story. but the rest of the act is just impossible to beat in under 1 hour. even if you've completed the game on inferno and have 100k vitality and try to beat it in normal. i've tried with my dh on act 1. keep vaulting and vaulting around, the mobs aren't my problem because they barely did damage. it's the maps you have to worry about. i mean, most of them are like mazes. like the cathedral, chambers of suffering, caverns of arnae, etc. go here?dead end. go there? another dead end. maybe i should go back and choose the other path. MAN! IT'LL TOOK MANY TIME! and also when you need to search for the khazra den in the fields and the lost wagon in the highlands. its like searching for a needle in a haystack
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The achievement is easy. You want 24% movement speed is all.
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The achievement is easy I did all four first try just with the monks passive boost no problems. Also since the Diablo clock is done by your computer clock perhaps if you set your computer clock back and the Diablo clock goes back you can get more than an hour? Just a thought.
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Did the first act in about 30 minutes with less than 15% movement speed so I say this achievement is pretty easy to get.
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so I see many additions but no real strategy - so here is one

I've used my sorceress on 60 lvl (actually paragon 7) and done it on normal.

Fist of all, you should know basic layouts of dungeons... I mean you don't know every nook and cranny but you should know which locations are strictly same and which are variable, and when you are in cariable, which parts are changing and how they may roughly look like. (I myself I'm that freak who !@#$%ed here some time ago that map for one character is not saved as it was in Diablo 2 - so when I miss one pixel of map, I can return trough whole location to get it. As such I know very well how may locations look like and I can minimalize my time in multi-level dungeons) but it is not needed. (and even I went to some blind ends)

If you are in dungeon try to stick at wall, and if you know that some part of map may NEVER end in coridor (for example that quarter-circle room in Catherdal - don't bother yourself to go there at all) and Avoid all unnecesary dungeons or sidetracks.

My sorceress never used Teleport spell and I have no movement increase items. Still I was able to beat every part in roughly 40-50 mins.

I didn't used any kind of stopwatch. I used galvanizing ward passive to increase my armor duration (4 minutes with it) - and to be sure I'm not wasting time I've counted 5 minutes for each refresh, so I knew I can refresh my armor twelve times...that allowed me to don't think at all and juch repeat number. If I ever reach 12 refreshes, I would have like 5 minutes more so then you already know if you are near end or not.

so... then I had my Scoundrel with tripleshot, and my storm armor - those to took care of almost any mobs in my back or sides, so they would not slow me donw or block my way.
And I threw blizzards with Stark winter (wider range) rune on clusters before me to clear my path.
On bosses I've just pwnded with Disintegrate spell.

this way I had enough time to kill every elite and boss pack along the way - they died instantly. and with my Nephalem Valor, I've earned like 120K gold along the way.

happy hunting
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There is absolutely no strategy to this achievement. Put it on normal and haul through. No side dungeons, just run through each quest, done.

You can do this with any character, virtually any build. Enemies die in normal when they even look at you. Daralyn's novel on how to beat this is amusing.
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More amusing to me is that novel dug up a 4 1/2 month old thread. It must have been many pages deep.
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