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Crazy good Inferno shoulders for Monk

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Hey guys I found these crazy good shoulders and there is nothing even close to their stats in the AH.
+148 Dex
+154 Vit
+54 All resist
+83 Strength
+26 Poison resist

So what do you guys think? Ones in the AH with stats close but no all resist are going for 5-7 million.
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I say good luck selling them for that much. Hope you get the gold.

Otherwise keep them and start your collecting of All Res+Poison res gear.

I have some nice gloves that are 50 all 30 poison with 90+vit 100+dex and 5% crit. part of my poison set.
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1gold deal
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What Act did you find them?
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how much armor? if it's over 400, 1-2 mil probably. If it's under 400, 1 mil max, if not less.
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Those are really terrific shoulders, but just be aware, theres a vast difference in the AH between what someone posts as their buyout price (aka 5-7 million) vs what someone is actually willing to spend on that piece of gear

Any item is only worth as much as someone is willing to schill out for it, it isnt set by how much some jackhole is setting as his buyout price
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What others are saying. Alot of items aren't being sold. You will find that out sooner or later by just posting tons of stuff up on ah that you think should sell, but never do.
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Ya I have not put them on the AH yet because I want to get a feel of what a good price will be. It seems to me that many shoulders kind of like it but not as good have actually been selling for around 4mill on the AH. I have a bid war going on for 3 million on the trade forums right now.
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Check the time remaining on the auctions when you are price checking. The prices with 1d23h, etc, are the prices that sell. The ones with less remaining, like 1d10h or even worse less then 1d, are overpriced and are not selling or they wouldn't be there for that long.
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The hard part is there are literally no shoulders in the AH even close to these stats. They either have the vit and dex without the resist or the other way around. So I don't have a good guide to go off of.
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