Diablo® III

Character Rename/Regender

Its already in the game.

Take all your gear and stash it.

Log out of the character you want to name/gender change.

Click the delete button then confirm.

Take 1 day off work and reroll to 60.

Clearly a SC noob.. put some real time into HC and then see what you think about this idea..
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Im all for this idea. I want to change my model, especially now, because I am committed because of paragon levels. I am not gonna delete and reroll.
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Bump. +1 for the idea

We should have at least a chance to change the name or gender of our hero, even if it cost few millions gold in game or so. of course someone would say just delete that one and train a new one (Takes around 18-20 hours) but now we have Paragon level and noone one to do that I think.
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Totally needs character rename/re-gender feature. They could make it a gold sink while they're at it.
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This is the only feature I would like to see right now.
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Bump. Deffo needed!
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I imagine this is exactly how you gen-y'ers will feel in a few years in regards to your tattoos.
Edited by pyre#1164 on 10/19/2012 3:40 AM PDT
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+1. My demon hunter is named Boba because I was drinking boba at the time and didn't think I would stick with the class. :)
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I'd love to see this happen. I really want a male monk named ChuckBoris or a female monk named ChickNorris
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10/19/2012 04:44 AMPosted by Montus
Would be sweet, but I'll quit playing before I pay for it.

Wouldn't mind paying for it with a few m igg, but never ever going to pay real $$$ for it
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i would also like to be able to change names
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kinda messed up to change gender, but name would be fine

(ppl can change names, but it just seems wrong to me to change a gender :P)
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Knowing blizzard though there is some hard coded length of programming attached to a string that is precariously preventing a windmill from falling off a cliff into a small swedish town of nothing but doe eyed women, children and baby animals.

Lol, its funny because its probably true :D
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Now that paragon level is part of the game it's hard to reroll a character just for the name and gender. I think it would be best if D3 team can make an ingame name change (maybe it's difficult on their part like renaming files on the server etc) or if they cannot do that then a private message using our battle net account to change our ingame character name just like changing our BNet ID. :)

I hope D3 team can do this for us :) I know they can.
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Yeah its not a big deal to make it possible the name change or female/male thing.... This should be already on.... It will be completely ridiculous if they charge for that.... for God's shake....

I made a level 60 male monk and I put on andariel's Visage and it looks so god damn BAAAAAD..... a horny skull with beard.... LAME!!! Not to mention that andariel had no horns in Diablo 2....

and one more this Blizzard you have to make more high level legendaries, after a while everyboddy is using more or less the same items...
Or at least improve the way the items look on the characters.... all people I know complaine about this stuff.. Thank you in advance
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