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Thanks blizzard

I stopped playing after beating Normal difficulty as a Wizard and have taken a break. Two weeks later I come back to find my account in Nightmare on Act II with 0 items 0 gold and only 1 mushroom in my stash.

Great game Blizzard. You deserve an award in Cyber Security. I did not give out any passwords. Just stopped playing and come back to find this. Waste of $60. I want a refund. Who releases a game and can't implement the security measures needed. Poor coding. L2 Prevent Application attacks next time fools.
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Do you have an authenticator attached to your account?
05/30/2012 05:35 PMPosted by Encryption
You deserve an award in Cyber Security.

no you do.
OP is terrible at keeping his comp clean.

Blames Blizzard.
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It's much easier to blame Blizzard than to admit to one's self that something may have slipped past their defenses undetected. I had my moments of denial long ago when my WoW account was hacked. When my error was finally pointed out to me, I realized they were correct and I've since made sure it never happened again. Also got an authenticator.
I have a new computer. All I do on this computer is game programming and I have a few games that are compatible with 64bit. I work with computers.

Thanks for the helper Crazyhorse. I have just registered this with my account and I have seen the Help! I got hacked link at the footer of this website so I am going through this now and I have reset my password. I have up to date anti virus software so please I want actual help not people who assume I am a dumbass. I would not post here if this was my fault. All I did was beat the game on normal difficulty, became bored and decided to work on hobby projects with my free time and when I felt like playing again. This is what happened. I was mad and the first thing I looked for was forums -> Support to Rant to get something done or some sort of help. Thanks for your help, Peter/Glok/Tianjan.
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What a lot (as in ALL) of people who get hacked don't realize is that they didn't necessarily figure out your password on the same day, hour, week, or even month that your account was stolen. It could have been stolen Months before, when you signed up for a *fake* BETA key, or fan site, or anything else that they use for phishing, or was keylogged as you were browsing the internet/forums.

You mention you have a new computer, that is great ... but you could have had your stuff stolen on your Old machine months ago. They were probably holding on to all of the information until after release, where they could grab all the stuff together at once before word got out, and when people actually had (some) gold and gear worth stealing.
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Good luck, OP!
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You shouldn't thank us for such a terrible thing. You should be reviewing the information here. I hope that provides some insight into the steps you can take to secure your computer and your Battle.net account.
Thanks for the input Unholy. But I'm not a really hardcore fan. I really learned about this game from my brother who had already preordered it so I did too for fun. This is the second time I visited the website really other than watching videos before the release.
Noob got owned.
05/30/2012 06:16 PMPosted by Zarhym
You shouldn't thank us for such a terrible thing. You should be reviewing the information [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6020037/Battlenet_and_Diablo_III_Account_Security-5_25_2012"]here[/url]. I hope that provides some insight into the steps you can take to secure your computer and your Battle.net account.

I love this guy. Not even being sarcastic. Keep it up zar!
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Same thing happened to me. My information is never handed out. I did not sign up for a BETA or get a fake BETA key or anything. I do not open emails from people I do not know. I run https at all times online. I have a top of the line antivirus. Only "precaution" I have not taken is getting an authenticator. Pretty sure a lot of these problems are not on our end.
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