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35 Small Improvements for Diablo 3

I just want my items and gold back...
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Tying in with #23 and #24, would it be possible to allow to switch between the saved builds while retaining Nephalem Valor stacks? This would allow more freedom in build creation, by removing the need to create a "one size fits all" build.

I could make a "boss" build, a "champion/elite" build, a "single target" build, an "AoE" build, etc.
Add One More, AH... Make all options Ascending/Descending (armor/dps, Bid, Buyout, Time Left) ***at the same time *** while looking at item lists to help narrow users search.

EDIT ****
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I want my follower to STOP being invisible to enemies, as of right now I use the Templar, ONLY because he can heal, he suppose to be the "tank" out of all the followers, yet enemies completely ignore him and run straight for me, this would solve a bit of the "Always kiting" problem, if the stupid enemies would actually go for him instead of the player. It's annoying when 783564735365 enemies run right past him and straight for me....
Awesome thread, awesome response
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@Bashiok, regarding item 22: Assuming that Blizzard uses Windows computers and further uses Outlook for email, open your outlook window, go to your main inbox, click on any of the headers at the top: From, Recieved, Size, Subject, etc. See that it sorts by asc or desc order as you click. Now, RIGHT-CLICK on any of those and click on Field Chooser, you can now add and remove fields from a list of many options to refine how you want to sort your email. Finally, move your mouse between two fields, onto the dark line, click and drag, you may adjust the size of any field as you wish.

Do this for the auction house search and you will have so many happy people you won't believe it.

That's exactly what came to mind when I read that one. +1
+1 for the ideas

+4 for the thoughtful blue response - took me off guard to see them all addressed and with such candor
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Best thread ever.

Great job Matthest!!!
Been hoping this would make it into the Auction House as well; http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5590639836
Why did you build the game so that it is so hard to do something simple like move the chat box or resize things? Seems like ..a bad idea?
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It's already shown through the loading tips, but we're looking to also add it as a tutorial tip that will show up whenever you begin a new difficulty from Nightmare-on.

I have an SSD and a fast computer (not e-peen wavingly fast, but it was top end just over a year ago). I've never once seen, let alone had time to read, any loading screen tips. I don't think that was ever a good way to communicate game features, fwiw.

I have a 10K RPM HD and a computer that was e-peen wavingly fast 2 years ago and I've never seen a loading screen.
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31) As an Auction House user, I want to be able to see the stats of items that I've sold so that I can refer to previous sales when determining prices for new sales.

I can see how that could be useful.

This x 1m

I also think it would be great if it told you how long it took for the item to sell.
34) As a max level player, I want an option to skip all cutscenes/dialogue so that I don't have to constantly press the spacebar to advance in the current game flow.

If you hit Esc during any 'forced' conversations, cutscenes, etc. you can skip right through them. We think it works pretty well. I'd be open to hearing any specific issues it's causing, though.

I have always been using esc, and the problem is that if you don't time it good, you will hit esc too soon, and thus end up with the game paused or the "esc-menu" covering all your screen. Also, it becomes annoying when you are doing some quest over and over again for farming, because you are hitting more times esc than any other key.

I think the option to disable these cutscenes, together with the videos would be a great addition, once you have finished the game once or reached lvl 60.

I understand wanting to hold back on UI customization, however, would a transparency setting for the HUD be possible? (For those of us playing on a plasma..)
THANKS BASHIOK! First really good reply since quite some action has been goin on
Lots of goody's =D
6) As a player, I want to see absorption effects on my health bar so that I can easily see and act on my remaining absorption shield.

We really want to avoid showing health numbers or effects on the health resource spheres, it's just a UI clutter issue we're really trying to fight right now. A lot of easy solutions are to pile more UI on top of things, and it tends to really snowball once it begins. We could look at other tells or effects for this, though.

I know it probably won't mean anything, but I really hope you reconsider this one. I play a barbarian, and in inferno a big part of my (and other players) strategy is to chain together Leap//Iron Impact -> Ignore Pain//7sec rune -> Leap//Iron Impact -> Run around until I can repeat, and several times I've been punished pretty severely in act 2 for being a second or half a second late in hitting ignore pain after the iron impact buff runs out.

I know that the iron impact rune creates a yellow circle around me, but that's REALLY hard to see in the fights that matter.

Maybe that's something that will be fixed with the reduction in damage spikiness that is being discussed, but it's still pretty frustrating to not have some indication when short duration buffs that really matter are wearing off.

EDIT: Having the stats window open and waiting for my armor to drop from 22k is a really clumsy tell!
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Glad to see an informative response. It is much appreciated.

Though I am sad to hear all these 'UI clutter' responses. I am a big fan of UI customization and I cannot for the life of me figure out why it would be disregarded as much as it has. 'You guys' might not want too much 'clutter' but not everyone has to have these options enabled.
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06/01/2012 01:27 PMPosted by Bashiok
If you hit Esc during any 'forced' conversations, cutscenes, etc. you can skip right through them. We think it works pretty well. I'd be open to hearing any specific issues it's causing, though.

Multiple part conversations take a ton of esc presses before finally being able to progress. It's annoying to wait for the delay when loading the cutscene if I'm just going to skip it. There are forced conversations you can't skip (generally when the chat icon is over their head - i.e. in the beginning of Act IV when Tyrael is talking or when you first meet the scoundrel). Terribly annoying to have to wait when I just want the to grind through the game.
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