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35 Small Improvements for Diablo 3

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Great list with many features that would make nice QoL changes.

43) As a demon hunter I would like my Templar to be a little less co-dependent. (rofl! I have given him lovely tanking gear, but he keeps clinging to me! Don't come back to me unless I've moved more than 2 vaults away pls!)

44) As a player I would like a check box to stay permanently out of General so I don't have to be exposed to Gold spam or other undesirable convo on entry.
45) As a player, I would like to have chat dialogs that begin with the '!' symbol to be displayed above my head for private screen chats.

Roll playing element.. Or just make your char say funny things for situational humor ingame screenshots.
Like in D2.

46) As an AH user, I would like to see AH commodities price history graph.. last 5 minutes, last hour, last day, last month, last year

47) As a user concerned about security, case sensitive passwords....... duh.
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Gotta love the use of user stories.

48) As an auction house user, I want the item auction limit to be removed so that I can sell many stuff as much as I like.

49) As an auction house user, I would like to be able to cancel my auctioned items when no one has posted a bid on top of the original bidding price so that I can update the price of the item auctioned
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Please keep this thread alive.
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+1 love the idea for changing around the ui some

Requested sticky
Awesome ideas, I love em.
Bump for justice, and request for sticky guys
Thanks for the contributions, guys :-D
Great suggestions. I'd love to see these changes.
Very much a big fan of anything that gives history of like items on AH.
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I've already replied to this in the Reddit diablo sub, but here it is again:

like 20 of these are "why dont you learn from world of warcraft about things like AH, chat and talent saving. are you trying to be different for the sake of it?"

Basically, and yet everyone complains Diablo 3 is too much like Wow. If Blizzard just did the same interface for AH, chat and UI flexibility; there would be less complaints over all. I listed them here:
2) You can do that in Wow with an AH addon.
3) You can do that in Wow with a CD addon.
4) You can do that in Wow built in.
5) You can do that in Wow.
6) You can do that in Wow with Grid/UI addons.
7) You can do that in Wow since its builtin(All buffs can be seen)
11) You can do that in Wow since you can put up unrepaired items.
12) This is in Wow, item levels, for Disenchanting.
13) This is in Wow, in terms of pets.
14) This is in Wow, simple UI change.
19) This is in Wow with an AH addon. No history in built in Ah.
21) Not a problem in Wow, since you can auction damaged items.
23) This is in Wow, in terms of dual speccing.
25) This is in Wow, just a simple UI thing.
27) This is in Wow, with a simple addon.
28) This is in Wow. Chat system that's built in even does this.
29) Again, this is in Wow. Well, gotta be same server but private channels are private channels.
31) This is in Wow, with an AH addon.
As a bonus, there's gear manager. Save and Load different gear sets fast!
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Yeah you can do some of those in WoW...because they're good ideas. Why are people afraid if these are add D3 will be too much like WoW?
3) I suppose that's a good idea. I have really good time sense so I just keep track of that in my head.

4) It's position definitely annoys me at times. I'd support this change.

7) There are a lot of followers (some less permanent than others) that don't get icons. Unless someone knows a good reason why they shouldn't I think that should be patched in.

8)At the risk of seeming like an idiot, I'm going to compare this game to a free to play MMO, Grand Fantasia saves your character's status on their servers including the status of the character's sprites (a unique kind of pet) while you're logged off, and everything stays in time out until you log back in... If they can do it, why would it be a bad idea for Blizzard to do it in Diablo 3?

10) Don't they? It always works that way for my games.

12) That's not very hard to intuit, especially earlier tiers make it easy,

13) I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of follower AI set menu, but it's something you may have to live with.

15) You definitely can.

16) How do you propose elective mode be made more apparent? It's mentioned both on the website and in a loading screen tip.

17) Just turn off their ability to autojoin and send invites to your real friends.

18) One of the things I liked about the first two Diablos is that when I clicked both my left and right mouse buttons simultaneously over either orb, numerical values appeared. And it annoys me that I can't do the same in 3.

20) I'm not sure this matters terribly. I've never run into this problem before Inferno, and no one I play with has run into has. You can probably take the time to stock up better. Besides, it's two clicks which can easily be done before a mob is on your back, killing you.

23) Skill calculator tool on-site. Piece of note paper. Considering how much rapid skill adjustment is discouraged in-game, easy build tools are probably counter-intuitive and thus will not be implemented.

24) You can do what you say you want with out that connection, so what more do you actually want? I am sure you have more to that thought.

25) To make a tool for this in-game would be a sad commitment of resources, considering the more important fixes and tweaks, which means one should look to mods for this and then hope they don't get the banhammer. Mods can't be condoned, so I say let this tweak slide.

27) I agree that players need something. the list of numeric stats just isn't intuitive for me at all.

28) Just make all the chat UI complaints into one. It's a cumbersome, agitating, suffering UI box on my screen, and I'd like it fixed or put out of its misery.

33) You can turn character audio off. Is that not enough?

34) It's not that breaking to use Spacebar and Esc to speed through story content.

35) That's just a con of the followers. They are reckless. Unless it's not intended, and then I'd agree I want a fix.
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Amazing list, I agree with everything!

50) Here's mine,

As an Auction House user, I'd like the ability to clear all search fields at once, including preferred stats, and item type. It gets redundant clearing everything individually.
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Wonderful post.

I'd like to be able to send completed auctions to character inventories OR let me move items between stash and inventory while in the AH.
Amazing list, I agree with everything!

50) Here's mine,

As an Auction House user, I'd like the ability to clear all search fields at once, including preferred stats, and item type. It gets redundant clearing everything individually.

Awesome idea ^_^
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+1 for sure, Blizzard needs to see this
Reddit thread is over 700 upvotes / 400 replies if anyone wants to take a look there: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/ucyvx/33_improvements_for_d3_all_noncontroversial_and/
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