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35 Small Improvements for Diablo 3

I was going to quote the ones I really liked but that would be too many :P
Fantastic list(s) and excellent discussion. I really hope some devs are watching!
+1 to all this!
Good list, user stories reminded me of work haha.
good list man +1
You have to wonder if they really were getting in early and staying late just so they could play in the midst of all the work on the game - its amazing to overlook so many small nagging issues. There's just not much polish behind all the cool graphics, cutscenes, and sound.
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+1 Excellent list, I agree with every item up there.

I hate to say it, but I don't expect more than a handful of these kinds of "improvements" (what I call features that should have been in 1.0 release... especially given the time they've had to work on this game) to come for the first year maybe 2. But hopefully there will be enough feedback that these features will come sooner.
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Good suggestions! I pretty much agree except for #32 and #8.

Maybe it's been said but I would suggest:

"As an auction house user I would like there to be an auctioneer npc in game so I'm not forced out to the main menu/out of my party to check the auction house."

"As an auction house user I would like notifications of sold items anywhere in the game world."
I just posted something, I hope they make item pickup the same as gold pickup mechanism. It really sucks when you loose your buffs because you step out of combat to pick up items.
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Personally i would also love to see some of the old D2 things come back.

1: Being able to join games like we all used to (games like Trist runz9, duelz, tradez, or Free items!)

2: Skill trees! thats huge. having the game choose all the skils for you takes so much out of the way of customization and personalization of your charater. with the current settings everyones charaters are the same it seems. or specing acordingly to get the right bonuses from other things that was a huge part of D2 that i miss dearly.

3: Actually being able to play with all my friends, in D2 i had a big group of friends that all loved the game the same as i did. and we could actually all play together. now i have all the same friends but we cant enjoy the game as a group or "clan" the 4 player max is a downgrade from the 9 player max in D2.

4: Runewords, these we awesome! collecting the right ones and figuring out the combinations for all the cool items that you wanted to build for your characters. and trading one for another with other players.

5: A max level of 99. this isnt as big of a deal but if skill trees were introduced i think if would be very necessary. Also with the current state of the game it would also be cool, because that means more skills and runes to accompany those as well.

these are my top 5 at the moment im sure theres more to add to the list piling up in this thread. i just hope to hell blizz gives a good read to this very thread, and has a we blues post up with some statements.

As someone who has no power to make any of these happen, I approve all of them.
Actually a great post. All reasonable minor improvements that have nothing to do with being butt hurt about not being just like Diablo 2.

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32) As a ranged player, I want invulnerable minions to not block projectiles so that I can actually kill an invulnerable minion pack. (More of an opinionated one :-P)

This is the only one I don't agree with. To me this feels intended. It's like the whole point of this affix. Plus it would give ranged yet another advantage over melee, seeing how melee would still have a chance of being body blocked and unable to get close enough to the rare.
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05/31/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Litsmit
I just posted something, I hope they make item pickup the same as gold pickup mechanism. It really sucks when you loose your buffs because you step out of combat to pick up items.

that an interesting point, but i think it would be more of a hassle to have to go back and throw all the "crude daggers" and other trash items out of your inventory.
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