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Magic finding vs Gold finding

When I'm farming for income, which of the above stats should I use on my gear to achieve highest $/hr?

Also, where and what difficulty would be the best place to farm income?

Currently level 56 with 18k (after sharpshooter) DPS, but I'll start farming at level 60 so that number should go up by a bit.

Thanks in advance!
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Probably MF. Gold find is good for killing mobs...but you'd need to have the set on basically all the time, and would have to sacrifice a good deal of money or dps to get gear with a decent amount of gold find. With MF, you can just have any random set and toss it on before you kill a boss/rare pack/chest and still get the benefit.
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Hmm that seems logical.
Do you know where and what difficulty would be best to far high end items?
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Inferno is the only difficulty to get items which sell for more than 5k gold on the ah, right now. Or reliably anyway.
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If you put on Gold Find gear, I highly suggest not focusing on your prioritized stats, such as Dex, Attack Speed, Damage, and Critical Damage. Instead, focus on just the Gold Find stat and stack it as high as you can. Then go to easy modes and farm.

I was able to make 5-10k running Azmodan in Normal.
I was able to make 10-15k running Azmodan in Nightmare.
I was able to make 15-25k running Azmodan in Hell.

I currently make 100-200k running Siegebreaker in Hell.

I have 3 sets of gear, technically 4.

1 set is my "actual" set. Which doesn't have high DPS with Sharpshooter, as I've dropped all my Critical Damage for Attack Speed or Damage. I have about 55k with Sharpshooter, ~20-25k health, and a LOT of Attack Speed. DPS is 30-40k without Sharpshooter. I don't run Steady Aim most of the time.

1 set is my Gold Find set. I hit 252% Gold Find with around 15-30k DPS (15k without Sharpshooter, 30k with). I have 23k health and no Attack Speed modifiers other than a Quiver. I also have 32 Magic Find with this set, I think. The Gold Find includes Ferrets.

1 set is my Magic Find set. This set is nowhere near complete and I wear it with the missing pieces filled in as Gold Find. I haven't worn it in 5 days and it's just trash gear I've picked up.

1 set is my Noob set. I wear this when I want to play with lowbie friends but I don't want to actually play on a new character. I have 14000 Thorns damage... That sums it up.

So I pretty much just run my Gold Find set when I'm doing Siegebreaker and when I get bored I put on my actual set and either go join some friends do Butcher/Farm or Achievement hunt.

EDIT: The listed Gold gains are before selling equipment to merchants/Auction House. Selling equipment usually nets a bit more than repair if I die. Auction House is usually 20-90k a piece. I tend to undercut myself. My AH motto is: "If I sell it, I make profit."
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