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56 Monk in A2 Hell - Where do I farm?

I really have no idea.

Right now the auction house isn't really supplying the types of items I need. I am at the point where I basically have to find everything myself. I am looking for pieces that are extremely hard to gather (resist all + a certain resist), in my entire A1/A2 Hell so far, I haven't even found an item with resist all on it.

My stats are:

20,000 HP
3,800 DPS
53% DR
143 Resist All

I can handle myself in A2 Hell just fine so far, I am in the Ancient Waterway currently.

Does anyone know where I should farm? I'm scared to go much further in the game with my current gear.
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I farmed for a few hours doing runs of the sewer. I think "An Unexpected Ally" is what the quest is called. The reason is because the quest is so short but always spawns some bosses and gives a nice chunk of quest exp. If the bosses are too hard it's extremely easy to run out since the sewer is such a short dungeon.
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I would gain a few levels and to outlevel the mobs and also to purchase higher level gears. Good place Im leveling up is Act 1 The Doom in Wortham it's a quick quest and the reward is 60k exp.
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You need way more hp, but i'd farm the swamp area in A2 - guaranteed rare if you do the vendor quest
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I don't know how to get much more HP. I can't find any gear to help me (I am currently using Arcane Resist as my main resist).

I am sacrificing some HP on a ring (13% attack speed at 60 dex) but I think it makes up for it in spirit generation.

Swamp area is where I'm farming I think. Dahlgur Oasis? I go to the WP, kill the naga boss then run around for cellars and/or merchants.
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06/02/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Crow
You need way more hp, but i'd farm the swamp area in A2 - guaranteed rare if you do the vendor quest

The concept that one needs "lots of HP" is flawed. Effective HP (EHP) is all that matters. Thus, stacking armor and resists from gear can actually provide more EHP than straight vitality. Additionally, Monk heals are more effective if their actual HP is lower with higher EHP, than the inverse, as the relative blood value is worth more per point healed when redux is higher.

Anyways. That being said..!

You are unlikely to find resist all gear in A1 and A2. A3 and A4 are where it's at.


If you're scared about moving into those difficulties, I'd farm the absolute last quests of A2 that you're able - sell gear you find, purchase resist all/resist modifier gear on the AH, and then move forward.


Most people have taken to "Goblin Farming" Inferno - which while quite effective is in my opinion the most boring thing a person can do on a video game.

So, if you can get to A3 and A4, I'd stick it out there.

I'd also suggest hitting level 60. The Valor Buff GREATLY increases boss drops and overall returns on risk, also the lvl 60 weapons will skyrocket your DPS and make everything oodles easier.
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Not sure why ppl keep saying way more HP...

I went into Hell A1 with 15k And i'm still at around 15k

It's more about resists/armor and !@#$. I can take 2-3 hits from an elite and more from everything else w/o trouble.

I stacked HP (swapped all my gems) up to about 30k (thats double) and it wasn't much different aside from having a good deal less damage.
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Grind your way to 60, then farm act 1 warden and butcher with 5 stacks of nephelam buff.

Also you need about 10k more hps and 3k more dps. Your resists are fine.
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