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Sacrificing dps for higher Magic Find?

I am trying to put together a great balance of MF and DPS. Im currently sitting at 30k dps and want to bring my dps higher without sacrificing MF for farming runs, I find that I prefer to have my magic finding gear on at all times instead of switching it at the last minute on bosses mostly due to the fact that all the legendaries/set items I have found have not been from bosses but from just chests etc on the map.

How do I bring my dps even higher than what it is? should I just stack IAS and Intel gear with MF?

stats are : 35k hp 30k dps 100% mf 300 resist
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Don't balance it, switch to a gimped set with 220+ MF just before you kill elites/bosses.
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It's hard. I'm doing the same.. currently Act 3..

32k hp
~4k armor
~470 resists
34k dps
190% mf
12% ms

The problem is the gear is very expensive. It's fine if all you want to do is put like int/mf on items, but then you want to get int/vit/mf, then you want to get int/vit/mf/resistances and in some cases, int/vit/mf/resistances/ias.. it's just asking a lot. The items you are after are very rare, and when you do find them, they are very expensive. No solid piece of gear has cost me less than 1m coins. I'm starting to sacrifice vit for more int/ias as my build is starting to focus more on simply never getting hit and killing quicker, than being able to take several hits. I can survive 3-5 hits on act 3 inferno fairly easy, but I am taking them too often, need more move speed.

I don't like the idea of switching to MF gear before a chest or before killing a boss. I find lots of rares just on random !@#$ all over the place, stuff I know I would never swap gear for. (such as a bloated corpse or a random trash mob) Yes, you find a lot more rares on elite packs, bosses (and mini bosses) and chests, but I think in the bigger picture, you sacrifice a whole lot of good drops by only occasionally equipping the gear. That said, you will simply not find max MF items on every slot alongside int/vit/resist/whatever else you are stacking, so having a set of "prime" MF gear for resplendent chests for instance, is still a good idea.

So long story short, it is very expensive, but doable. You have to spend a lot of time on AH and farm/sell a lot of crap to be able to buy everything you want, and even then, it is hard to find.
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Don't even bother...Until Tyrael actually gets nerfed or something there's no reason to do that. You can obtain way higher MF by switching to a full set of MF gears just before you kill the elite.
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