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How Does a Wizard's "Weapon Damage" Work?

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For a Wizard's skills that deal "Weapon Damage", how is it calculated?

Does it uses my total DPS to calculate or only the damage from the weapon I am holding?

Does Increased Attack Speed help my damage for spells using "Weapon Damage"?

If my weapon does 300 lightning damage, and I cast a cold spell, does a percentage of my cold spell do lightning damage? Or is the lightning damage converted to cold damage?

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If a spell says "x% weapon damage", then it multiplies the damage of your weapon plus all your flat bonuses.

For example, if your sword does 3-6 damage, your source does 1-2 damage, and a ring of yours does 1-2 damage, with a total of 5-10, that total will be multiplied. So a spell that does 200% weapon damage will do 10-20 damage. Of course, that also gets multiplied by all your enhanced damage bonuses. So if you have nothing else except that and 200 INT (+200% damage; triple your damage) then that spell will do 30-60 damage.

Elemental damage on a weapon simply counts as weapon damage for a wizard. If you have a sword, for example, with cold damage, and you cast magic missile, your MM damage will still be entirely arcane. But that damage will be used.

In general, if a character uses an ability that hits with his/her weapon directly (barb's bash, DH's Hungering Arrow, etc) then the element will be used. If the ability doesn't use the weapon directly (Barb's Hammer of the Ancients, any wizard skill, etc) then the element is ignored but the damage bonus is used. A wizard doesn't care about this rule, of course.
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Awesome. Thanks for the clarification. One thing left though:

Does this mean that Increased Attack Speed will not increase my damage for "x% weapon damage" spells?
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Anything that is channelled (RoF, Disintegrate, Torrent) uses your full DPS. So if you have X DPS it does X damage every second. However, it drains your AP faster with a faster attack speed. It drains the cost value in the description, times your APS every second. So if you have 1.5 APS, Arcane Torrent, which says "20 Arcane Power" in the description, drains 30 AP per second. So in that sense, it's better to have the same DPS with a slow weapon than with a fast one, when channelling.

For any ability that says "x weapon damage over t seconds", it literally does that weapon damage in that time. Thus your attack speed is completely unimportant. Blizzard and Twister are the prime examples. For those, big slow weapons are much better than small fast ones. For those you are entirely interested in your damage, and not your DPS.
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Awesome, thanks.
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the wizard off source adds as weapon damage correct? so it is multiplied by the intelligence bonus?
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