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Diablo 3 Freezes Computer (Only Recently)

I would like to add the same as above problems. It happened twice, at random point during Act1 NM. Hard reboot only worked .

I will try next time to wait 3 to 5 minutes as someone suggested to see if it works. I will start monitoring my GPU temperature as someone else suggested as well.

I am running ATI 6770 in 1280x1024 so I do not utilize my hardware ( at least in accordance to Blizzard requirements )
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Same here.

Started experiencing some severe stuttering earlier this weekend then had to hard reboot for the first time today after it froze up.
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Yeah, but blizzard will just say that the problems are on your end, not theirs. They have flawless servers and never have issues on their end. It is always our fault.
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Running a AMD/ATI HD 6850. No problem here but I am running older 11.11 drivers...
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I've been having this problem for days and like most other people have had no issues running the game 'til patch 1.0.2b - my temperatures are fine and it's not my hardware, I can play other (more demanding) games with no problems but within 5 minutes of 'trying' to play D3 my PC will black-screen, freeze, BSOD, FPS stuttering - all sorts of nonsense.

What the hell?

Oh and I'm on windows 7 64bit, HD6950 2GB driver 12.3 (tried 12.4 same problem)
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Add me to the list of people who are having freezing problems. Happened first time in A4 normal. Dropped settings hoping that would solve it. No problems until cathedral in A1 nightmare which it has done twice. Then really ratcheted down setting hoping for fix with no real change.

geforce 460
amd phenom
5gb ram
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Today I'm getting maybe 15 sec freezes after which Diablo resumes and again works fine for another 20-30 minutes until the next freeze occurs. This has _definitely_ started after the latest patch arrived. Release version didn't have this issue, as I already mentioned.

I have also added one additional 120mm fan in my chassis, and even kept the case open, but still freezing occurs.

Win 7 x64
ATI Radeon HD5670
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So I uninstalled the game then re-installed. Since doing this no freezes (knock wood). I know it may not work for everyone, but honestly what do you have to lose?
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I had a similar issue, this was my solution

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Just started on me. Everything was fine at first. but since 2 patches ago I've experienced lag spikes and now the game freezes and I have to force turn off my computer and restart.
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The game started freezing recently as well.It doesnt have to do anything with my computers performence as i was able to run the game smoothly just before the recent patch.As in any other subject regarding Diablo 3, it's probably our foult and Blizzard has nothing to do with it.Crappy customer support.

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4gb DDR3 ram
GeForce GT 420m 2GB
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I have been having a similar problem aswell. But mine freezes when I launch the game, unfreezes, and lets me log in, view AH, etc. But the second I click 'Resume Game' the whole game freezes.

EDIT- Fixed by disabling firewall. Derp.
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haven't been able to play for the last 2weeks due to the same problem

good times just as RMAH comes out
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I also want to be counted with the group having this problem. I was away for about 1 month. Today I started the game, but I cannot play more than a few minutes before the game and my entire computer freezes (including the sound which freezes and becomes just a continuous noise).

Even buttons like 'caps lock' and 'num lock' don't work. My only option after the freeze is to hold the power button on my laptop to restart the system.

I have tried to do a little fixing on my own by updating drivers and reinstalling the game. But I am reluctant to do more. And frankly, I'm just an ordinary software user and I have very little talent with troubleshooting or fixing things. Doing things that are too complex concerns me because I don't fully understand what I might be doing or what could go wrong.

With that said, my laptop is only a few months old and I bought it knowing that I would install Diablo 3 on it. As with many others, my experience is recent. I had no problems other than the servers often being busy before now.

Even if it's just a minority of customers, I kindly but firmly urge you to please look into this issue because it renders the game unplayable. In this case, there is not work-around solution. It is simply a no-go. As with others, I do feel the money I paid should deliver a somewhat stable game although I do have tolerances for bugs and glitches that can be worked out in time.

This one however is a fatal problem. I have decided that I will not try to login again until there is a more confident answer from the users or from Blizzard about a solid solution. Whether it is my hardware, software, or the game and patches itself, I don't care what it turns out to be. But I am strongly against tinkering around with my computer not knowing what I'm doing and failing to find any positive results.

I am willing to share any information or recount my experience with this problem if it helps. I hope that someone will be able to explain and resolve this issue soon.

Thank you.
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I encounter same problem just today my graphic was sort of like corrupted.
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Same here, random freezes since like a week ago. Don't know what to do.
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Okay so last night the freezing happened again, on my HC char no less. This is seriously bush league. I would feel better if they just admitted somethings a bit off with some peoples gaming experience.
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I have the same problem. Have been playing since around release no problem and all of the sudden today (have been gone for a week) it freezes every 5-30 minutes.. and i cant cnt/alt/delete out.. Sucks
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Mine either freezes as you described (cant even cntr/alt/del), blue screens with memory dump or exits without warning to a 'report form' to fill out for blizzard..

My PC's software is fully up to date and the hardware is very well oiled!

Didn't have this problem before the patch.
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I have had this similar issue. It seemed to have corrected itself when I ran it as administrator. Go ahead and try it out, and if it works for you, post it in the forum so other people can know if it worked.
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