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Diablo 3 Freezes Computer (Only Recently)

This is BS. When I started playing this game it was working fine about 2-3 updates ago I started getting freezes. Sometimes it will last a few hours and other times it will freeze minutes into game play. Total freeze. No CTRL+ALT+DEL available. Only hard reboot.
Everything is updated (even BIOS).

WIN 7 Pro 64
AMD FX-8150
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7870
CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB
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I am having the game screen freeze as well while playing D3. Once right after viewing the opening cinematic, another in the Act II Desert. I couldn't ALT+TAB or ALT-F4, but was able to CTRL+ALT+DEL into the task manager to kill the process.

Win 7 Ultimate 64
Intel Core i7 930
EVGA GeForce 250 GTS

Noticed my drive access light is on permanently. Though disc activity doesn't seem to reflect this.
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Having the screen freezing screeching sound and then i have to hard reboot my pc. It's happening a few days now,never had any other problems since release.Any blue could share a light in the dark?

Win 7 home 64
q9550 2.8hz quad core
Asus pq5 Deluxe
4gb Kingston Hyper-X
Ati 4870
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Also freezing since the newest patch. It happens after an extended amount of gameplay. generally after an hour or so. Ctrl+alt+delete is available to me and I am able to force the game to shut down. That doesn't say much for the stacks of valor I had built up during that time...

Win 7 Home 64
Ati Radeon HD 5870
Intel i7 Q 740
Seagate ST9500420AS 500GB
8GB DDR3 1066MHz
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I have also had The Same Problem. After about 5 minutes of browsing the auction house (what i do every time i start d3) myclient freezes up and I cant even ctrl alt del. i have to hard reboot my system. What gives?

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Asus Geforce 560
6gb ram
intel i7
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This is ridiculous. Diablo started locking up on me right after last patch also. Now my computer locks up in other games. I have never experience a lockup on this computer since I bought it about 5 months ago. I am so mad. I have a radeon hd 6870 card. Did this game seriously mess my card up? This card is only a few months old!
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Can we get a blue response to this? is the problem even being addressed? Do they even know or care? PLEASE HELP US
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06/24/2012 09:17 PMPosted by kr4zyjammer
Can we get a blue response to this? is the problem even being addressed? Do they even know or care? PLEASE HELP US
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Often when things are ok people don't say anything. And I'm guilty! Guilty as charged!

The 1.0.3 patch fixed my complete freezing problem. But now it's back with patch 1.0.3a. Since 1.0.3 I've been playing hard. Real hard....well ok, not that hard, but still a lot!

However, once again, I can't play anymore. This freezing issue is just too serious of a problem to keep trying and trying. I have other programs (nothing intensive just spreadsheets and the web browser) open as I often like to do things or check things while I game. But I risk losing data to documents I work on. (I'm a technical writer.)

So...argh, I just can't keep forcing are restart. So I'm going to do what I did last time and not play until the next patch and see if it let's me play for more than a few minutes.

I strongly believe this is not my pc because the biggest variable is the patch which is when the game will work or not work. I also have run it alone as the only program open and it is freezing.

Please look again at this issue because some kind of "switch" keeps getting flipped on and off.
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I would love a response on this issue.

I have no plans to play or even re-install this game until I hear of a fix. Just not worth the potential harm to my pc.
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I have also recently been experiencing random freezes during play. It seems to be occuring ever since the latest patch (1.03a) and so I checked my drivers and everything seems to be okay.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Ati Radeon HD 6970
Intel i7-2600K
Kingston SSD 128GB
8GB DDR3 1333MHz

Maybe it has something to do with 64-bit users?
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my pc just shuts off plaina nd simple soon as i get into the login screen
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my mouse pointer does not move anymore
anybody can help
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
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I'm having the same problem, get to log in screen, then the computer just all of a sudden restarts(reboots). all of my drivers are up to date
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Same, drivers updated.

Intel i7-2960XM @ 2.70 ghz (o/c to 3.99 ghz)
16 GB ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M @ 1.55 ghz w 4MB GDDR5

Hope a solution is coming quickly, thanks!
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General Bump.

Also having issues on my MacBook Pro post patch release. Logged easily over 100 hours..great gameplay, no crashing/freezing. Now after anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay it continually is freezing.

Extremely frustrating.
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Update. Since my post on page 6 and the 1.0.3 patch, the game ran flawless and i could go all day without a hickup. This new 1.0.3a patch just brought everything back though with the screen freezing and the buzzing audio. Best part is it was even nice enough to start the resetting my modem BS back with it. We need to keep this thread alive and up at the top, might be a small group of us with this issue but were the ones that wanna play and havent totally abandon ship. You would think we would of heard something by now. Dont alienate the remainder of what fans this game has left blizz. DO SOMETHING!!
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forever annoying... everything worked till tuesday =/
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First time posting, but because there is now a VERY STRONG need to. Experiencing the same issue as all of you mentioned SUDDENLY (was playing all good and fine for the past month until last night).. plays for awhile and no matter what i am doing (killing monsters, in town, etc), screen suddenly turns blank and CPU makes strange beeping sounds, and it 'shuts down'. Only way for me to regain functionality of the computer is to force shutdown it by holding the power button and restarting it. Tried to tune down the video settings as i thought i was the issue but didn't seem to be working. There seem to be a bug in the latest patch 1.0.3a but it seems this issue has been around since Day 1. Will try the method of underclocking the GPU as suggested by some people but haven't had the time to.

Does D3 really require so much resources of the computer?

Can Blizzard please work on it and kindly give us some indication you are looking into it?

WE would like to play YOUR game.
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Kinda the same problem here. My monitor enters "sleep mode" and it sounds like all fans start to run. Have to do a manual reboot to get things working again. This can happen after 5 minutes or 5 hours, no way to tell when.

I have been posting in several threads in here just to get attention from Bliz as it clearly has nothing to do with peoples computers...
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