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Proc Ratios for all Barbarian Skills

So I was a little bored this morning and decided to experiment with LoH on my barbarian. I bought some cheap LoH items from the AH and went to A1 Inferno. The results are summarized in the spreadsheet below:
Google Doc (8/23/12):

Image (7/3/12):

If anyone else is willing, some of the numbers need independent verification. The notes at the bottom of the image explain some of the anomalous results I found.

June 5th Update:
Frenzy - Sidearm confirmed to grant LoH by Miigzz.

June 9th Update:
Frenzy - Sidearm results still anomalous, couldn't verify Miigzz results.
Revenge - Grudge and Overpower - Revel confirmed to grant 33% LoH.
HotA - Rolling Thunder still doesn't seem to grant LoH.
Image changed to GoogleDocs spreadsheet.

June 13th Update:
Image added back per request.
Frenzy - Sidearm axe still not giving LoH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EScuohD6qo&t=0m45s

June 18th Update:
Wyatt Cheng confirms that LoH ratios are actually proc ratios used for all barb skills:

July 3rd Update:
As Nubtro pointed out on the 3rd page, some ratios have changed. I was able to verify that WotB - Slaughter's 'blood explosion' AoE damage no longer grants LoH and that Weapon Throw - Dread Bomb is now only 25% per target. Unspecified 1.03 patch change or experimental error, either way, thanks Nubtro!

August 23rd Update:
Five changes made as listed in the 1.0.4 patch notes, see second page of Google Doc for details.
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From someone that appreciates a well laid out spreadsheet... thank you!! Great information for Barbs.
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Excellent data! Thank you for taking the time to compile this.
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Thanks a lot. I wanted to go do this myself but I was being way to lazy to commit to it.
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Biggest advice would be to try to get 30 % block with a nice black number.
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100 Human Paladin
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Simply spiffy! Thanks!
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This is great research. Thank you for the effort.
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You, sir, are a hero.
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Very nice work. Thanks man. I requested this be stickied! Extremely useful for inferno barbs.
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Post to read for later! Great work tho!
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+1 sticky, great stuff OP

Edit: upon further thought (and reading another email) I may see If I can get some time for my own tests too...I'm thinking of the comparably differences between Life on hit with 1 weapon vs. 2 (I'm assuming that a 2h gets similar results as a 1h with shield when the LoH is the same).

Unless someone already has done the math, I'm interested in how DW 2 weapons both with LoH impact your ratio's
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This is awesome! Thanks for the data.
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Thanks guys! Just happy to be contributing. Hopefully we can eventually get to the bottom of HotA - Rolling Thunder, Overpower - Revel, Battle Rage - Bloodshed, and WotB - Arreat's Wail apparently not using LoH.

Edit: And since weapon types were mentioned, this was all done with a two-hander.
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good job!
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06/04/2012 04:33 PMPosted by Elyx
Unless someone already has done the math, I'm interested in how DW 2 weapons both with LoH impact your ratio's

DW just adds your LoH.

You also get the extra 15% Attack Speed from dual wielding.

LoH is really high while dual wielding, but you don't have a shield.
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Thanks - this is brilliant - I had been having some success with 2 x 1 handers and using a shield for bosses with LOH stats on rings head wep etc, based on whirlwind and mighty wep for the fury gen. However as fairly new to D3 - and looking at the stats - what can we summarise are the best DOs and definite DON'Ts for LOH builds?

For example is whirlwind's i heal per 3 hits worth it as versus bash's 100% heals?

Some advice on build would be appreciated - I'm struggling to understand the data in terms of best spells to max the LOH amount overall please?
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I have a 60 barb in inferno, and I've made him a bit more tanky, and I've focused on tanky gear. And I kind of like him that way.

But I'm becoming more enticed by the possibility of using a DPS barb build. Instead of scrapping the guy I put a ton of work in and just rework him, I'm honestly thinking about leveling another barb (crazy, I know).

This is great info. DW two LoH weapons and stacking armor and resists (along with str, vit and crit%) in the other slots sounds like an excellent, excellent build.
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good job
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requested sticky
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lately i was trying to observe my health globe while afk fighting belial mobs in phase 1/2.. and i noticed that sometimes i get a little bigger heal spike.. (not high enough for a heal globe i think), so i figured it might be sidearm hitting multiple targets, but not sure about this. (maybe still healglobes i just didnt see)
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