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Damage and Critical Hit Chance...

Anyone can help to clarify about Damage and Critical Hit Chance?

When I just logged, I can see my DH's Damage (in Inventory screen) is increased from 4K to 8K. I have no idea why until I noticed that my "Critical Hit Chance" is increased from 0% to 100%, then my Damage is more than double ('cos my Critical Hit Damage is 113%). And then after dozen hits, I found "Critical Hit Chance" is dropped to 0% and increased steadily to 100% again.

What exactly it means to my actual hit? What's the mechanism behind?
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Sharpshooter; It's a demon hunter passive. Increases Crit chance by 3% every second for the next hit until 100%.
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Thanks Amorphous.

So when my Critical Hit Chance is 100%, does it mean my next hit is 100% sure got 113% more damage?

In fact, I found it can reach 100% in less than 10 seconds but 3% / second should need more than 30 secs...

It leads me to think about finding items with better Critical Hit Damage 'cos it could make DPS increased dramatically
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You're using passive skills without even knowing what they do? O_O

Yes, 100% Critical Hit Chance means your next hit has a 100% chance to crit for whatever your crit damage is, just as advertised.
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ZephyJackal: emm... yes or no... I believe I understand the passive skill but it just doesn't seem to be exact as what it is described. Also I found I could not judge easily on an weapon whether it could increase my DPS... in progress figuring the myth...
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The passive increases your dps because crit goes up by 3% per second. Every time you crit your dps goes back to your base and goes up again until you crit again. When it say your dps is 8k that does not mean you do 8k dps. It's more like you hit 4k ish and when you crit, it crits like 8k. The 8k dps is assuming you crit 100% of the time, but since that isn't the case for the passive. I don't think your crit chance drops to 0% per crit because I recall that minimum crit chance is 5% and if you have crit item it will be higher. Me, for example (if I use sharpshooter), my crit would start at 20% and goes up by 3% each second then when I crit it will go back down to 20% and so on. My damage out put, assuming I shoot one arrow per second with 20k dps, would be 20k, 20k, 20k, 40k crit (if I have +100% critical damage)... even though it might say my dps is 25k or higher because my critical is constantly going up, I do not do 25k, 25k, 25k... I personally do not use sharpshooter since my crit is decently high enough atm and I will be trying to make it higher in the 50% range so I will crit in avg of 2 shots anyways, even though sharpshooter will look like it doubles my damage or something. e.g. with 50k dps including 50% crit, sharpshooter at 100% will make my dps look like 70-80k... WOW my dps almost doubled! but in reality I would still be doing about 50k dps.
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