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Question about 2H or 1H/Shield

I am in Hell act I and I am still using a 2H and up to this point I have had no problems downing things but I have seem to hit a road block I take way to much damage and don't dish it out fast enough.
Do you have to use a 1H/shield at this point in the game is a 2H not the way to go at this level.
Just looking for input from people who have done hell and or are into inferno can I use a 2H pr is it best to go 1H/shield?
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on hell difficulty I have been using 1h+shield, i think its more my style and it gives me more survivability. But if your not getting 2 or 3 shotted in hell using a 2h weapon, keep rolling with the 2h weapon
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I love the 2H just don't know if you can even go through hell with one and or inferno since every post I see lately is talking about a 1h
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that patch isn't out yet for a while am I right? today is just a tinny one doing pretty much nothing.. was my understanding but thanks for the idea! lol
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I was attempting to tank with a 1h and shield in inferno and simply couldn't afford the gear in order to do it effectively. I switched to a 2h about 3 days ago and I'm currently running act 2 with much greater ease.
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That is interesting indieGorilla do you know what dps your weapon has off hand? just looking for ideas where I should have mine.
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Through hell you can definitely use a 2h, I'm 2/3's of the way through Act1 on inferno with a 2h as well. I'm definitely considering switching to a sword/shield combo for the next acts since most of what I read suggests doing that. If IndieGorilla is doing Act2 with a 2h though, that gives me hope.

What build are you using Indie? I've been using http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bVRkTP!bVU!YcbcZZ
Ignore Pain (lifegain rune) + berserker + earthquake is a lot of survivability and a lot of damage all at once. 50% of the time I can kill champion packs in one round of that combo.
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Yep, in Act 3 Hell and having no problems at all with a 2h. Currently 11k DPS and 39k HP. Resists are all sitting around 120-150, and that definitely helps in hell.

I use Stomp/Furious Charge/Revenge/Earthquake - Whirlwind and Bash. I very seldom die, or ever have to use a potion for that matter. However, I don't expect this to last very long and will likely switch over to 1h/Shield come Inferno.
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The right gear and build combination makes any Weapon setup viable.

Ive never picked up a shield, and im in act3 inferno. I switch to a 2h for some fights, but mostly run DW
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it doesnt matter too much what you use really, as long as you play enough and put time into it any set up will get the job done really.

i just soloed thru to act2 inferno with a 2hander
havent touchd the sword n board since hell
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what should a average damage / Health be of my barb at the beginning of hell?

Just looking to make sure I don't need to hit the AH for a upgrade or two.
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06/06/2012 07:43 AMPosted by Torcida
Well Inferno just got nerfed so 2H might be a bit more viable.

Please note this does not happen till later this month at the earliest (patch 1.03). Only 1.02b is out right now. No nerf yet.
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A good way to tell if your equipment needs an upgrade is to see if there is better equipment at an affordable price on the auction house.
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