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Thunderdome Tournament

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Since hardcore mode is all about survival, I think Blizzard should introduce a new tournament called "Thunderdome."

1. You pay 100,000 gold to enter as a level 1 of any class.

2. There is a four hour timer that begins ticking once 4 players have been queued up.

3. The player who progresses the furthest in quest chain and is still alive when the time is up wins.

4. The prize includes 400,000 gold (minus 15% blizzard cut of course) and a mark of honor being either:
a. Unique dye color x6
b. Medal of completion for your banner

5. If you leave the tournament, you lose.

6. You do not have access to your stash or your normal gold cache.

7. Each player has their own unique instance and will not see the other players in game.
a. Each player will show in the party window including current health and level.
b. You will see other players quest completions in your chat window.
c. You may speak in /party and each contestant will see the message.

8. There will be achievements for highest level / winning / quickest death / etc.

9. Upon winning the winning player will be presented with two options:
a. Save character as standard hardcore character and sync gold and items
b. Save character as nightmare Thunderdome available character
i. Character will be boosted to level 30 OR reduced to level 30 keeping your current gear.
ii. Your non-equipped items are removed and your gold is removed.
iii. Prize pool is 1 million gold for Nightmare plus new medals / dyes etc.

10. At no point do any tournament ready characters have access to the auction house.

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I have no thoughts at this time
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12. There is a 4-hour time limit for normal.

I want to see a video of someone beating normal in 4 hours. I speed ran normal in 3 on my level 60, and thats with skipping almost every mob. How can a level 1 beat normal in 4 hours.
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Well, I think it's dumb that the winner could come back to life....there is only 1 life in hardcore
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Should have a better reward then gold considering Gem combine reduction today, and no use of AH. Like a random legendary with decent stats (or option of a few pieces and ability to choose)

Just my 2 cents
Cool idea though.
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Could probably be refined a bit, but the idea sounds kinda cool
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Definitely something Blizzard should at least think about. Definitely needs to be refined though. I understand it was just a run down on ideas but some of them don't make much sense... For example, if you run through Normal in 4 hours, what lvl do you expect to start nightmare at? and if there is no time limit, what if someone power lvls in normal to start Nightmare at high lvl?
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Not sure you would be able to do it Multiplayer, as there are only so many mobs to kill. Something would have to be done to either increase the amount of mobs, or perhaps separate instances for each player.
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4 hours is about the limit the average player can handle so that would need to stay. We could adjust the "winner" to be the character who has progressed furthest in quest chains (and is alive) after 4 hours.

I agree the parameters around keeping a stable playing field when entering the Nightmare tournament would need to be thought out.

Yes, I also see the problem with mob count. I'll have to re-think this as well.

As for better rewards, I can't see giving away legendary items or gear. I'd be satisfied with some type of visible mark of honor, if only a unique armor dye. Maybe even some type of medal that can be displayed on your banner.
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The only problems I see with it is the reduction of 1yrd on exp, and the fact that you can't farm items/exp at all. Plus the amount of time needed to beat all four acts is a little much for the average player at times.

If you wanted to make it more accessable, I'd say you could do them by acts. And add in a farm mode or something, to where you take your competition character and just go grind exp/gear to prepare for the next act, but add a max level.

For example: after beating Act I, if you win, you unlock the grinding/farm mode before you have to start an Act II competition. You can start your game from any point in Act I that you want to, and still no access to the AH. You stop gaining exp, money, and gear from killing mobs after you hit level 22. This lets people get an advantage if they want it, or go straight from Act I to II if they want. This idea continues for all the acts, the level thing could be worked out with what seems too powerful or w/e with each act, but just a friendly suggestion to a cool idea.
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Okay I updated my rules based on feedback. Sorry for the formatting, re-read initial post.
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Some of my thoughts

1) Xp reduction to 1 yard is silly for casters, However xp could be given out as per damage dealt.
2) The thought of people progressing to different points in the story line while playing the same multiplayer game is completely invalid. (Perhaps everyone could play their own game and have some sort of access to information of where the other players are, or see the other players as a ghost overlay whom they can't interact with and doesnt effect their game)
3) If you die you lose your character regardless if you win or not.
4) If you lose(and don't die) you should be able to either a) Roll your character back and start the mode over again,mostly important if you made it to nightmare+mode, or b) Keep your HC char to where you are as a normal HC character.
5) If you win there should be a reward better then gold that you might not ever see if you continue into the nightmare+ tournament. (i.e. Wings/specialty items/banner improvements/ New class/etc)
6) The gameplay should last 4 hours regardless of if you complete the game. (This will give every character that progresses into the next round 4 full hours to farm up gear, the winner will be whoever defeats diablo first, but they are able to farm act 4 again if there is time remaining
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Updated the tournament rules again based on feedback. BTW, I love the hardcore community!
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Awesome! I love it!
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