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Build for Inferno act 2

I have been farming act 1 for a week now, and i'am tired it....
I was thinking about buying a 1h wepon with extra atackspeed loH on 500 and 900d
and also a shild with all resistance, high block chance and str.

I only have about 900k and need 2mil or more i think.
what can i do to farm gold faster, and is the choice of wepon right for act 2?
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As for gold? If you want to do pure gold farming, invest in a Gold Find set, and destroy vases in the Inferno Royal Crypts. It can yield pretty good gold/hour.

My stats were about as follows:
  • 865 Resist all after War Cry with Impunity
  • 8,278 Armor after the Enchantress' 15% Armor Buff (It's a bit low)
  • 52,000 HP
  • Using a 686 LoH, 168 Vit, 683.4 DPS 1Hander, was running about 6,931.02 DPS for most of Act 2.
  • The shield I'm running with is a Blue "Chromatic" "Of Valor" with 77 Vitality and 56 All Resist, 18% Chance to Block with 1960-2794 Block Value.

    Here is an accurate screenshot of the stats I had when clearing all but Belial.

    Personally, I lucked out and found my Weapon. So I didn't have to spend 'too' much. Another thing, is Life on Hit doesn't necessarily matter outside of when you have to take on a couple large mobs with nothing else to get Revenge on. Life on Hit really comes into play on Bosses.
    But overall I probably sank at least 1.5 million into the rest of my gear. Ideally I picked up Str / Vit / Resist All, optionally replacing Str with Armor, and ideally getting as much Armor as possible as well.

    Did all of Act 2 EXCEPT Belial using: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WSPTVk!beV!acZccc
    For Belial all I did was switch Earthquake for Ignore Pain with the heal rune, and once I transitioned into P3 (where he transforms, and the background turns green) I changed Charge for Leap with Iron Impact.

    I did Act 2 pretty safely, had a couple packs that I had to skip, due to just being Shielding as well as other annoying affixes. But I safely carried a 5stack NV up until Belial.
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    i have 600-750 res i all, 9k amo, 1100d, 38k hp.
    so a shield vill help the last bit ;)

    im am using the same build as you, verry nice, ty!
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    One thing I can definately say I noticed, from the first time I attempted it to when I attempted it a second time (and cleared all of it in under 10 deaths to packs with affixes), having a higher health pool makes a large difference. Since your Heals are all percentage based, the more health, the more you heal for. Hence why All Resist / Vitality is an amazing combo. Although Str giving Armor and DPS is a nice bonus. But ideally you can keep your DPS low, as long as your defensive stats are very high.
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    I ahve 680 to 780 all resist unbuff, 6K armour only. 37K dps, Max crititcal 200k, HP 45K.

    I can clear act 2 easily. Need to use the skill 1,2,3,4 wisely... can be done.
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    To add on... all my gears i farm in runs... in act two... just try and try.
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