Diablo® III

Possible fix for 9400m and an Observation

Make this your D3Prefs.txt (/library/application support/blizzard/diablo3)

PreferencesVersion "42"
PlayedCutscene0 "3"
PlayedCutscene1 "4"
PlayedCutscene2 "0"
PlayedCutscene3 "0"
DisplayModeFlags "8"
DisplayModeWindowMode "1"
DisplayModeWinLeft "334"
DisplayModeWinTop "44"
DisplayModeWinWidth "800"
DisplayModeWinHeight "600"
DisplayModeUIOptWidth "1344"
DisplayModeUIOptHeight "840"
DisplayModeWidth "800"
DisplayModeHeight "600"
DisplayModeRefreshRate "60"
DisplayModeBitDepth "32"
Gamma "1.000000"
MipOffset "1"
ShadowQuality "0"
PhysicsQuality "0"
ClutterQuality "0"
Vsync "0"
Letterbox "0"
Antialiasing "0"
LowFX "1"
LimitForegroundFPS "1"
MaxForegroundFPS "42"
LimitBackgroundFPS "1"
MaxBackgroundFPS "43"
DisableTrilinearFiltering "1"
ColorCorrection "0"
MipBias "1.000000"
ReflectionQuality "0"
TonemapExposure "1.000000"
TonemapContrast "1.000000"
TonemapSaturation "1.000000"
TonemapGain "1.000000"
HardwareClass "1"
PCIVendor "4318"
PCIDevice "2147"
MasterVolume "1.000000"
EffectVolume "0.800000"
MusicVolume "0.800000"
NarrationVolume "0.800000"
AmbientVolume "0.800000"
ChannelsToUse "32"
ReverseSpeakers "0"
QuestSubtitlesEnabled "1"
CinematicsSubtitlesEnabled "1"
EchoQuestDialogToChat "1"
MuteSound "0"
MuteEffects "0"
MuteAmbient "0"
MuteVoice "0"
MuteMusic "0"

It disables some features and sets a few others to 1 (makes images appear blurry on the mini map for example).

I tried playing Act 3 where you go up the stairs to start lighting the fires at lunch. I was getting ~5fps. With this file set I was getting a consistent 18fps. This is also 18fps with everything open (chrome and 8 tabs, textmate, excel, mail, adium with growl, yummyftp) and a second monitor plugged in.

Also, I noticed something. When I Teleported to the inside, my FPS died. I went through the Port and it was back to 18. I then started moving forward from the door, and my fps steadily went down. I am unable to test this thoroughly right now, but it appears that in some odd way, my FPS is scaling to the amount of mini-map exposed.

This could explain why Act 4 Hell zones run great, and people experience great performance after "some time".

Could anyone verify if the above pref's does raise their FPS slightly on their 9400m (Not a 9400m/9600m machine running 9600m) system?
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It seemed to up my FR by 1 in an area where it's mostly 9 FPS it went up to 10. Thanks anyway :-)
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What act were you in?
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Act 1 Trailing The Coven
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06/01/2012 01:10 PMPosted by Soj48
Act 1 Trailing The Coven

Any particular part? I loaded up the game and got 15fps in town, 20-25fps running across the bridge.
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Approaching his manor. Really bad FR for me at this point and this is why I haven't got much further.
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well this actually did help a bit. was able to to slug through a checkpoint before things got bad. just waiting for the patch now!
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Yes, this actually helps a lot. I just finished the Starter Edition without the modifications. I think I was getting <8fps (estimation, at the time I didn't know how to view the framerate) on the Skeleton King...and it was rather difficult to fight him under those circumstances.

I'm going through the Starter Edition a second time, with this modification, and I can really notice the performance difference on my MacBook (I'm averaging around 13fps with Activity Monitor, Firefox, Skype, SMC fan control running in the background).

Although the game is much more playable with the modifications, I still wouldn't recommend playing Diablo III on this generation MacBook (5,1 AKA late 2008 aluminum unibody).

Thanks for the modification!
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