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Inferno DH's rate +Disc on offpieces

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Just picked up a hellcat belt with a dex/str split and +discipline and looking at getting a str/dex stone of jordan with disc. How would you rate these pieces in relation to other, more dps heavy, options? Remember they have +elite damage as well.
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Personally +disc is one of the most valuable stats for me in inferno. Lets me use SS more times before Prep is up, which can make a huge difference in many situations. Currently I have 57 Discipline, but I really want more.
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yeah i have been playing around with it (inferno act 3) and I find it extremely valuable, this allows more SS and ive been experimenting with the gloom rune on shadow power it has made killing damage reflect mobs really easy, but that build is only viable if you have a lot of disc, seeing as they cost so dang much
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More Disc, Less Problems
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I've been thinking of going Disc-heavy myself. I'm just trying to decide if the DPS trade-off is worth it. More DPS means you can kill things faster, which requires you to use less Disc, but you're screwed if you exhaust all of it, while more Disc greatly increases survivability.

Right now, I'm sitting at 49 Disc. I can pop SS 4 times before needing to use Prep. I use the Invigoration rune (10 max Disc for 5 secs), which gives me a guaranteed free SS (as opposed to 30% chance), then I can SS an additional 4 times. So 9 times total. I don't think I'm going to go beyond 50 Disc, personally; 10 from quiver, 10 from chest (only 9 right now).

People complain that Vitality and Resist All don't increase our survivability in Inferno, but they should realize that +Max Discipline is our real defensive stat.
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Well, I think xeph amulet is out as an option. You lose a lot of dps from neck slot. Stone of Jordan is in a similar boat, but slightly better imo.

Hellcat belt seems perfect as the +elite damage helps to counteract the lower dex. I wish mine had been straight dex instead of a split, but I'm not even sure how many of those exist atm.
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06/02/2012 10:39 AMPosted by Kairuciant
More Disc, Less Problems


Really, the more Discipline you have not only allows for successive SSs (therefore safer gameplay) but also will increase the potency of Preparation too.
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This is definitely true. Soloing act 3 was pretty challenging at first with 130k dps and flat base disc. But I tried out swapping quivs and chest for a total of 47 disc and dropped my dps by 12, but this allows me to add in 1 extra ss and 1 caltrop before prep. Double that with prep and my survivability became stupid. I don't think you need to overdose on it because the drop in dps does hurt if you're investing in like 55+ disc, meaning at least 3 items. I just bought an ias, crit dam, crit rate, dex ring and I gained 12.5k damage. Same with ammy. I don't think I'd trade that for another 1 ss prior to prep.
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