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Is a non-crit build viable for DH?

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Sure, thanks for replying.

I mean getting gear without +crit dmg and +crit chance.

So I can focus on resistances, vitality, +health from globes, +dex and high dps weapons.

Also, I would appreciate input on weather dual wielding xbows or 2 handed bows or xbows would be better for a non-crit build.

If you would like to further share wisdom. I would also like to know the main difference between bows and xbows.
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why would you focus on vitality and resistances we are not tanks
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Because I can't stand being one-shotted.

Yet, what about the non-crit build. Is it viable?
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I feel your pain Lance. Personally, I don't think it's fun when just about everything can one shot you from mid-Act 2 onwards in Inferno. I personally don't think it's cost effective to go that route with a DH though, and even if the gear existed, you would, at best, only be able to take a few hits before you die anyway, probably seriously compromising your damage output in doing so. Hopefully someone out there is able to prove this wrong, because the game just isn't fun this way.
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Allright then. And yet, would a non-crit DPS build work?

Or is +crit chance and +crit dmg the essence of DH DPS?
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Look at our main passive abilities that boost dps. SS and archery both have boosts related to crits. If you want a high dps build, you need to use crits.

I like to think with over-gearing a DH can do some leech tanking but it just doesn't look intended much past hell. I loved Shadow Power for Normal-Hell but it's next to worthless in inferno so far for me.
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You are not gong to get far without crit and without + damage on crit. As far as crit try to get about 15% crit at least without hand crossbow and at least +100% on crit; tie that in with a nice increas to attack speed and your dps will shoot up a ton.

You can get a rare ring for about 100k that will easily give you about +50% on crits, for the rest just look around the AH.
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06/03/2012 05:33 PMPosted by Laroux
You can get a rare ring for about 100k that will easily give you about +50% on crits, for the rest just look around the AH.

What, where?
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You're going to get 1 shot regardless. Monks and Barbs in similar gear to us running 600+ Resist All and 40k+ health are still being 1-2 shot in Act 3/4. Your goal as a DH is to blow stuff up as fast as you can. I agree its annoying that mobs can 1 shot you, but to get the kind of defenses to survive taking a hit in Act 3/4 without sacrificing your DPS is going to require some extremely pricey gear. Not sure about you, but I certainly don't have 30 million just sitting around to pick and choose the best pieces available.
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You don't need to max crit to have a viable build. You are most likely going to get one-shot anyway regardless of what gear you have. However you don't need to max crit damage or % to deal damage and work as a class. Different builds are based on different play-styles.
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Yes it's absolutely possible to clear inferno without a single +critchance or +critdamage item. And yes it is possible to build a DH on top of that can survive a hit on top of that (from a white mob lol)... But why would you? It would be so cost prohibitive (and slow to kill) as to not make any sense.

The only DH's that are getting vit+res all are the ones who have good dps to begin with (hint hint critchance+critdamage items) and a lot of money to blow.
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