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Question about Cold Blooded

I've been trying to work on a cold build for group play, and while I don't want to get into details on it yet, I do have a question about the mechanics of the Cold Blooded Passive Skill.

Tooltip states: "Cold damage dealt to chilled and frozen targets is increased by 20%."

Since there aren't really any cold damage sources for signature skills, would the damage bonus from Cold Blooded apply to +Cold Damage on weapons?

My guess is yes, just from direct interpretation of the tooltip. Can anyone confirm before I go spend the gold on a big cold damage weap?
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My understanding from other posts I've seen (not tested):

It would affect cold damage from your weapon BUT keep in mind that a skill (like Magic Missile) converts all the weapon damage to Arcane. I believe you'll only get the actual cold damage from the weapon on specific abilities that deal unmodified "weapon" damage. For us, I believe that's only "Spectral Blades"
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That's a little depressing honestly.

I mean, really, whats the point of having "+Dmg Type" affixes if our skills convert all the damage to another type anyway.

Edit: I know, other classes might use them. Still depressing though, if that is the way it works.
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i use cold blooded

i use blizzard venom hydra and for my left click im using ray of frost with reduced cost rune

i have enough arcane regen that i literally dont run out of AP because i use a slow 2 handed high dps weapon

its pretty baller =)
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