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Hardcore alteration: Add a graveyard

I just started HC, have a level 9 barb and I am enjoying it, pretty much because I know he is going to die, which is pissing me off just thinking about it.

Anyway, there have been things bandied about like 3 lives or other changes...which may or may not help. One thing I'd love to see is some sort of graveyard. Give me a list of my characters, their ending equipment, gold, level, experience and where they died on their tombstone. I don't know how it works now, since I haven't died yet...but I don't want these guys forgotten. NEVER forget. They are trailblazers and they should be remembered by me or by someone who hacks my account.
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There is an option to archive your character when it dies I believe.
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We have this in a way. We get 10 slot that we can chosed to put a deader in.
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Still think we need more than that, especially since we wil lwant to replace dead characters.
Need a graveyard.
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06/06/2012 06:59 PMPosted by wolpak
a list of my characters, their ending equipment, gold, level, experience and where they died on their tombstone.

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I want a skull for every dead character I've made to be at the foot of my banner, up till X amount. Just as a show of support from the dead, because each one will have contributed something to all of my characters.
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Dead characters should get a graveyard level where you're a zombie and you have to eat brains of unsuspecting adventurers to sustain your life.
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The spire ghosts that spawn into bosses (like leah, zoltun kulle, rumford, maurius) should be able to be filled with your previous heros and some stock class based message about how I didn't treat him or her right, or a message stating where I left them to die...
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