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So ive played wd, wiz, and now dh in inferno so far and I am ready to make a barb! Im fairly aware of the best in slot items for the other classes, for example dex andys with a socket for DH. What are the barb items that are Godly or best in slot? what stats do these items need?

Also 1 more question, if i want to be super godly do i HAVE to stack life on hit? thanks in advance guys!
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I notice helm of command and storm shield sell for alot with the right stats. Are these considered BiS? if so, which stats make them the best? plz help
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Those items sell for lots because of the +% Block, Str, and Vitality.

If you're looking to learn to play a barb, I direct you to the "Solo Inferno Act 4 Clear! +Some Advice" post on these forums. Amazing advice and information about Barbarians in Inferno.
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Helm of Command
Justice Lantern
String of Ears
Mara's Kaleidoscope

Then parts of the Blackthorne Set/Immortal King's set for whatever set bonuses you want
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what would someone consider to be a perfect stormshield? or perfect helm of command
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Hmm well I have Boots that are 80All Res and 60 Lightning Res with 140 Str ... so the two Res stats are BiS? ... so I've been told .. could be lies haha
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They are the highest Res you can get.. Lightning resist isnt really preferable as there is very little lightning dmg in the game. Also no vit... but still kickass boots

Aside from near/perfect rolled rares the probably BIS items are:

Stormshield 28-32% block and some other good mods
Helm of command with some res/vit
Justice lantern ring
Maras or some sick AR/vit/AS ammy
String of ears... pretty well mandatory (people who argue otherwise are really just in denial or don't know what they are missing)

At this point in the game I wouldn't be buying anything that isn't Archon gear... The highest tier armor can have 80 Resist all and 60 to another.. and you should be trying to grab as many of these as you can. If you can't farm act 3/4... wait for the next patch and farm the crap outta act 1/2.... Smart buyers are in Limbo right now as no one should be spending money when farming is about to get so much easier.

Also people nowadays are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overpricing the AH. I really feel bad for the poor sole who is actually spending 10-20million for a peice of less than perfect armor, they are so naive. In 1-2 months time anything that isn't PERFECT will be considered garbage (as was in D2 and D1) and sold for next to nothing.

Also with the ability to cancel auctions... prices will go down as people will be aggressively undercutting eachother, as they did in WoW.
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if you want to be super godly be prepared to spend over 100m at min GL

or you can reroll a DH and triple the total dmg 1 hit all trash mob and laugh at elite packs then laugh at barbs for spending 100s of mills on their gear while you spend around 30m for top end 1 hit gear
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Also, one more point to add to WolfStalkers post, is that its been announced legendaries are being buffed in 1.0.3 so lots of the current legendaries have dropped. There's loads of helm of commands in AH for under 500k, when a few days ago they were all 1m+. I guess it helps that people are getting the HoC crafting plan too.
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Justice Lantern sucks, so many better rings, think it !@#$ing matters if you have 39% block instead of 50? It doesn't, unless there was a way to increase the block amount then stacking block over damage is a bad idea since you'll be stonewalling yourself. Get a 32% block Stormshield and ditch the helm or command and justice lantern.
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To be honest, I have tried the build with all the legendaries but block chance sucks. Block chanse is no replacement for 1400 res, 70k hp and 12k armor. String of Ears is probably the only good item in that whole list. The things that I stack are Attack speed with life on hit, All res, Vitality, % life, Strength, physical resist. In that order.

You basic job as barbarian is being a huge sponge for dmg. Just keep eating dmg and regenerating with your life on hit and attack speed. If you have 3.0 base attack speed and use Frenzy, it increases to like 5.3, after that each hit can add 1k life so you heal faster than if you eat a healthglobe.

so screw block chance :P just get good stats
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String of ears is the best
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i really don't understand people who like string of ears. It was a great item when melee damage actually hurt you, but now with mobs doing so little damage you don't need it at all. I have 45% block with a sacred shield, HoC (120 vit+socket) and justice lantern (socket+80 vit) and no amount of AR/armor/vit would make me switch these.

I find people really underplay the superstition passive. It's better than either armor passive and if i could only choose one passive, this one would be it. The only thing that does considerable damage in this game is elite affixes and a String wouldn't help at all against an arcane beam. Superstition is essentially a string of ears that doens't waste an item slot and actually helps against things that barbs need help with.

block is superior to melee dmg reduc since you can block an arcane beam.. I'd even take dex over melee dmg reduc since dodge is great too.

whoever told you that +80 ar and +60 to another was BiS is off their rocker. At my stats (10k armor, 1k res, 55k hp) a point in AR is worth 1500 ehp and a point in vit is worth 1200. a stat like +lightning res isn't going to help you at all unless you face the right monsters, and even then if you do face the right monster, 75 vit is equally as valuable as 60 res. Difference being that vit comes in much bigger numbers, and vit works against all types of monsters.

as a tank, some stats that you want to look at besides armor/ar/hp are life regen, life on hit and if possible, reduction from elites. as a reference point, in addition to the stats i listed above i have 1350 LoH and 1500 regen. i play as a pure tank, only in pub groups and i'm pretty damn invincible. i can stand in a stack of desecrate (while hitting things) and i walk through arcane beams just because i can.
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For belt I'm using Thunder God's Vigor at the moment.

71 str
69 vit
28 all res
161 armor
Reduces melee damage by 18%
Reduces lightning damage by 5%
Reduces resource cost of weapon throw by 1 fury
41% chance for a shockpulse to erupt when you hit something.

Not sure how good this is but it was better then the string of ears I had which was like 17%. Also most String of Ears that have alot of dmg reduce cost way too much for my liking so.
Also I have no idea what this costs on the AH atm but I got it from a friend for free so. I like, not sure if it's better/worse though but I love the proc.
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