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When I bought this game and it advertised the RMAH I don't recall that being a requirement, are you going to just change sh!$ whenever you feel like pertaining to other things...
Whats to stop you from charging in the future to use your servers for my SINGLE #&$$ing PLAYER GAME.
I think this has just made a decision for me pertaining to continued playing of this game I waited forever to get.
When is the 30 days up to get refunds?

Yeah. Idiots. All they need to do is pay a mobile phone company $50 per month for data and buy a 200-500 dollar phone. Then it's totally free.

AHHH lets see most of the people who have a computer and play MMO's have a smartphone and are already paying for the data plan so yeah it is free!!! For the small percentage that does not have a smart phone 6.50 cents really is not going to break the bank and is well worth having peace of mind that your account is safe.

The $6.50 is not the point, the point is Blizzard is a multi million or even billion dollar company that didn't have the foresight to see this coming and advertised a game with RMAH coming and did not mention the fact you would need a authenticator, this is just another way to make a few more millions on their part before they sell the company off.
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06/08/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Takaimasurao
Im missing the point for the whining here. Just get an authenticator or dont play in the RM AH. And to reinforce a point already made, if you cant afford the 6$ for the physical device from Blizzard you shouldn't be playing in the RM AH anyway, because you BROKE!


Remove your BLIZZARD BLINDERS and maybe you would see the forest for the trees...
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It's not about the $6 it's about the principal.

1) I shouldn't have to pay an additional $6 to use a feature Blizzard is going to use to make money off of me

2) I shouldn't have to pay $6 for a feature that is just going to make logging in more of a hassle.

I hate calling people names, but you're an idiot, blizzard is trying to protect your account.

Actually they are protecting thier !@# too.

Its almost impossible to get hacked with an authenticator.

If you still get hacked, you're having sex with the wrong person.

My banks have safeguards in place to make sure other people don't access my account WITHOUT making it a hassle everytime I log on. I'm not an idiot I would just like a better way to make sure I am who I am.
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Ah so to use this feature we have to pay for an authenticator in order to give 15% commission to blizzard on sales.


Exactly why they should give the authenticators for free. They'll be taking some money from RMAH anyways, might as well take a small loss on authenticators and get more people using it.

They are already taking a loss on authenticators... Also, if you have a smart phone of almost any sort, you can get the authenticator for free.
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First issue with this thread: "Authenticators are free!"
-No. Any time any money changes hands, it is not "free". I don't care what the money is spent on, it's money spent. Money=Not Free.

-Mobile App! Only works if you have a $300 phone, or a $100/mo contract phone. This knee-jerk reply assumes we are all rich/have our daddies buy our phones for us. Some of us can't afford this luxury. Again, not free.

Second issue: "It's a good investment!"

-Ok, so I bought one. I wanted my account to be secure. I still agree with people who say this layer of security ought to be included with the game. Seven dollars isn't exactly going to break my bank, but I am annoyed by it.

-Blizzard stands to make a very tidy profit from the RMAH, at a minimum of $1 per listing, per player. Assuming each player will make a minimum lifeftime profit of at least seven listings (which we may safely assume), Blizzard could indeed afford to give them away.

-Refer to the above "issue" when replying with excuses or mental gymnastics relating to how the $6.50 can be justified as "free". Money=Not Free. Period. It's in the dictionary; look it up.

Aside from those two issues, I'm actually pretty happy with the security provisions. No other game company has gone the extra mile and attempted to provide this level of account security. It's just "make a password people can't guess, make it unnecessarily hard to remember, and move on". I think it represents a gesture of good faith on the company's part.

You can be overly cynical and point out that they stand to profit more by protecting their clients, but I choose to look at the positive side (i.e. I don't get hacked). That's the idea, anyway.

Thanks, Blizzard.

(Make them freeeeeee...)
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The $6.50 is not the point, the point is Blizzard is a multi million or even billion dollar company that didn't have the foresight to see this coming and advertised a game with RMAH coming and did not mention the fact you would need a authenticator, this is just another way to make a few more millions on their part before they sell the company off.

Meh, It doesn't really make a difference to me. It is not that big of a deal so they didn't think it through they are just making sure people are protected better. And yes they are a business and businesses are in it to make money. I own my business and if I can do something that will increase my over all cash flow I will do it. You will never be able to please everyone but Blizzard is not going to lose sleep or money on this people will continue to play regardless of their dismay..

Blizzard doesn't make money on authenticators. They do it because the end result is a positive for them because it's less money they spend on customer service for hackings. But, there are much easier and effective ways to do security without costing the consumer money, or, hassling us.

I remember once being at a lan and a friend had to call his sister to open up his authenticator and read the numbers because later in the night we decided to play SC II, it was retarded.

There are just so many security provisions out there that do not require hardware [like, once again, the security many banks provide] that buying an authenticator in my head is just plain silly.
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There is a perfectly good, free option available to anyone with a PC, which should cover most playing D3, which can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/winauth/

Before you let your mind start going nuts about viruses, hackability and other craziness, lets put a few things to rest:

1. The code is made completely available to you so that you may compile a copy for yourself. Review the code before you decide to go into a tizzy about this being a virus.

2. This is based on the Mobile App and uses the exact same code and key generation as the mobile app. The numbers created cannot be controlled by the end user.

3. Many people have reviewed and used this and have had no security issues at all because of it.

4. Keyloggers will not pick-up the codes generated. If you are infected with a keylogger, the only thing that will be picked up are code entries that would have been picked up even if you were using the keyfob or phone-based app.

5. Blues have commented on this, and while they do not officially support it, they do recognize that it is safer than no authenticator. Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2569217651

6. You account is flagged as having an Authenticator so it will work with the RMAH.
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Why wouldn't you want to use it when your going to have real money involed.
They came to a smart decision to do this and it benifits you in the long run. Geez

As has been mentioned by many others, I deal on the internet in real money on many sites (ebay, my bank, steam, etc). Why is it Blizzard's security is so bad the require me to buy an expensive product to provide the same safety that other sites do for free?

For god's sakes, they just made 500 million dollars off the sales of this game. They can't just make sure only I log in to my account?

Exactly, I use the web for MANY "real money" transactions. I check my bank accounts (through several banks) almost 2-3 times PER DAY. My banks have amazing security provisions that WOULD NOT require Blizzard do anything super special and DO NOT require me to jump through hoops in order to log into my game.

Blizzard security just blows and they came up with a very silly idea to combat poor security when there are easier ways for them to do it. It actually suprises me that they do it this way because it would probably be CHEAPER for them to do it in the same way many banks do it and they would still benefit from lower Customer Support costs.
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