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wow i hope they expand on this. This is actually pretty cool
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So I had to look up Casshern Sins to know what it was. I watched 4 minutes and unless everyone on the team quit after those 4 minutes and 4 year olds started drawing it, the animation is pretty good. You are probably confusing Animation with story line and directorial choices. For instance, in those first 4 minutes, there were way to many cuts and you couldn't see half the motion because of it, and the outfit the guy in white was wearing was hideous. On the other hand, he moved fluidly and there wasn't a 40 second scene of him screaming at the camera powering up some attack.

Yes anime refers specifically to animation done in japan. This does not make the work done by these people any better or worse, it's a mislabel by someone who doesn't even own the rights to the video.
Check out the actual channel here, where it is named an animated short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q2htBs_enA

As for it being ugly, well that's your opinion. I can't say I agreed with all of their choices, but I do think it was well done.
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1. Terrible animation. It's worse than Cashern Sins.

2. That's not an anime. Anime is japanese animation, despite what the video uploader said.

3. It looks flat out ugly. Just ugly.

it just looks like some people dont recognize different styles. That is indeed anime. It is very well drawn, and yes it does look drawn, not computerized. It also looks very technical, rather than the anime you would associate with stuff like naruto. You really should try looking up different techniques before you just state that something is flat-out ugly. this looks to be more on the graphic novel side, yes, but it is definately rooted very firmly in anime
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06/18/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Commodore
That is indeed anime

It's not japanese animation, so it's not anime.

You really should try looking up different techniques before you just state that something is flat-out ugly

I can have my own opinion if I want.

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Speed lines are a big thing in anime, and this video is chopped full of them. Along with the camera angles to accentuate the battle and intense actions in the video, the proportions of the characters, including the demons, are very accurate in respect to the head. Anime can be more realistic, Jin Roh is a prime example. Halo: Legends used very similar techniques in its seven episodes. And I know for a fact that it is anime, because Bungie thought anime was the best animation style for the action, so it was sent off to japan for producers to showcase there talents with it.

another point: Peter Chung's (director and character designer) style is influenced greatly by Japanese Animation, as well as a bit of European Expressionism, with heros like Yoshinori Kanada and Koji Morimoto. and yes i do know that he is Korean.

now, tell me why it is NOT anime >.>
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So, according to you, one style of anime is all that can be considered anime? if you watched bleck and darker than black, then you would see that the movement and form in all three animations are almost identical.

and this, a video from Jin Roh has a very similar style to the diablo trailer.


the character design you provided was all completely one style of anime. you aren't providing all the examples. i just felt that as an animation student, i should probably show you what is and isn't.








...and that is a few examples. as you see, i gradually went more realistic, and stayed within the boundries of anime. they are similar, so get over it.
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Are you really that blind? Perhaps i must go talk to someone who doesn't need a white cane to walk around
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