Would like to put myself forward as another victim of the frame skipping / stutter problem.

This isn't the heavy stutter seemingly related to asset loading, more like a rhythmic jitter side scrolling. Very noticeable when running through town.

System is an i7 2600K , 8gb ram, 2 x 570 GTX SLI and running the game off a Vertex 2E SSD.

Tried running off a normal Seagate 1GB 7200 , same issue.

Tried three previous display driver sets and it is still there.

Regardless of what I set fps to in options or whether my monitor is set to 120hz native or 60hz.

Tried disabling anti virus (Microsoft security essentials) to no avail.

Hope to get some sort of recognition of this issue, hasn't been much blue intervention on this one on here.