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Religious beliefs of gamers?

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1. Who knows... during a certain experience (not sure I should self incriminate on these forums) I felt transcendent consciousness. After that I feel as though anything is possible.
This experience was most definitely spiritual for me.

2. Who knows, maybe?

3. No.
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1. Matter and energy cannot be destroyed, only change states. So in some way the energy and matter that is me will carry on. It won't be me of course, but I will be part of everything that comes from the matter and energy that made me. Very much like all of us are nothing but star-dust given form.

2. It is mathematically unreasonable to assume that humanity is the apex of life in the universe. Our planet is to young when compared against the whole of existence to think we are on top of the universal food chain.

3. Clearly no LOL. I have several family members that are people of the cloth, a nun, a bishop, a few decons. I was raised going to church. As I grew older none of it made rational sense. I am certainly not so egotistical as to say there cannot be a god, but I have seen nothing in life to give me reason to believe in on either. It really seems like an irrelevant concept that is used as a tool to pacify the masses, and steer people into war and atrocities. Truly, without the concept of religion I think the world would be a much better place.
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05/29/2012 11:58 PMPosted by KingOfGaia
Are you in member of church or any other organization and if you are are you accepting their beliefs or are you there for some other reason?

Yup, religious chicks are stupid, and the virgin ratio is much higher than anything else.
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08/11/2012 06:55 AMPosted by Cognus
Yet another example of someone misunderstanding the term "atheist". Atheism isn't a belief system. It is the default position, everyone is born an atheist and it requires no faith whatsoever.

No, an atheist strongly believes that there is no god. You need to know what a god is to reject the very idea. No one can prove that god exists, but none can prove it doesn't exist either. To believe one or the other affirmation requires faith.

Someone who has no faith is an agnostic. He claims that religious matters are unknown and unknowable.

You've demonstrated that you misunderstand several terms in your statement. I'll repeat, atheism isn't a belief system and requires no faith.

Faith is belief in inspiration, revelation or authority. Atheism is described by none of these terms. To characterize it as such is being dishonest not only to others but to yourself.
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No reason to believe any of that nonsense.
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Yes, I am Catholic and no i don't follow everything that they preach. But, I believe in, "you give me respect, i give you respect, you treat me like trash, i treat you like trash". That is the best advice that i have ever received from my teacher, when i was in the 3rd grade, those were first words she told us the first day of school. Her exact words, was: i know people tell you to respect your elders, but scratch that, from now take these words into consideration (the above stated i wrote earlier). Truthfully if more people believed that we would have a more stable society!! Good question though, because my mom believes that people that play these games are devil worshipers and negative crap like that, until i told her that, my character is fighting evil and the Diablo (devil), after that she was ok with my character, LOL!!
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- We're all living in a simulated universe created for the "players" to enter our minds at birth and exit our minds at death. There is no interaction, they only experience what we experience directly into their minds, our entire lives being experience by them in what their time would be a matter of minutes. The no interaction clause was enacted after it was determined that artificial life is still considered life and direct interaction would effect the universe in which that life lives. People find it entertaining, like a movie that you can see, smell, hear, and feel. - So when we die, we just exit the game, albeit as someone else, but our experiences will be remembered.

- Well someone designed the system that we're ran on.

- Eh, to each their own.

<.< Yep. That's what I believe all right, no joke. It's about as plausible as anything else up to and including nothing. And just because you believe something doesn't mean it's true.
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I'm a Deist, which isn't a religion. I do believe in God and some kind of afterlife, but that's it. Everything has to do with science.

It had to start somewhere, so I just think God (which is an IT) started it all. Miracles are bull!@#$, it's just luck, and humans can do whatever the %^-* they want to. Just don't be an !@#$%^.
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No. I'm not worried about this because without the ability to perceive and be self-aware, we won't even realize we're in an eternal oblivion.
Yes. Something created the universe, but I don't think it's a someone...
No. I used to, until I realized they are all the same geo-political institutions trying to further their own goals.

I'm agnostic and believe that there isn't enough proof to prove anything.
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- No
- If you mean by that ETs then yes, why not?
- I am but just because my parents are, i'm not a fanatic or a sheep.
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<-- agnostic, a fan of some statements from Taoism, tajiquan/quigong, Buddhism and some of the "golden rule" jazz that pops up in cultures across the world. I think that I'll blow out like a candle when I die and that the only afterlife I will persist in is the one that my mother (gone 25 years this September) persists in: the memories of loved ones and/or arch-enemies
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1: I'm not sure if I personally will be traveling there but I deff believe in other dimensions aside from our universe.

2: I know there are. On a murder trial scale I have enough circumstantial evidence to put a thousand people away.

3: Not currently. My views are not orthodox to any churches existing in my area.

The following is mostly speculation on my part not facts or in any way documentable.

Intelligent design is blatently obvious if you ask me but so is the fact that it is utterly unable to be proven. example: My kids cry. Why? so I don't forget to feed them. Would any parent do that? YES. Neglect cases abound across the nation. Who decided that crying was needed? Nature? So nature made a decision to make kids whine about food even when they weren't hungry to ensure we do not forget to feed them or nature made children hungry at all times or kids are just always hungry because they are growing. Which is it? Well I know for my part my kids can be stuffed to the gill and their bodies still demand more. Why is that? Because it is the only logical way to avoid that child coming to harm.

There are hundreds of thousands of social dynamics exactly like this which denote fore-thinking. Keyword here is thinking. nature does not consider. It does not think. It does not favor. It certainly does not/(often?) create creatures which are self destructive for no practical purpose that I am aware of short of preserving the planet to which I say why should the planet or nature be concerned with it's own survival? Or concerned with anything for that matter. How might a non-entity go about being concerned?. Survival is natures motto. Not thinking. (<This is a contradiction and rightly so. I actually couldn't think of a way to describe nature that DIDN'T imply intelligence. That's not to say I couldn't just hadn't by the time I wrote this. Give it a try. Not that easy.) The very act of contemplation is a unique skill to humans. No other creature has the ability to string a thought out across multiple seconds just as we do. To retain a thought, or in other words, plan things. We are unique in that, imo. Yet it is speculation on my part. None of it can be easily documented. Have you ever watched how little hesitating animals do though? Because they lack contemplation and rely more on instincts in most cases they very rarely hesitate and can usually react near instantaneously to any situation regardless of how far outside the expected outcome it has chosen to manifest. This is an example of how human contemplation operates. With the unfortunate side effect of overthinking at times.

Nature itself is a huge example of fore-thinking which simply cannot be explained away with something as simple as evolution. Example: What is the origin of the impetus for DNA to act according to a blueprint? Just so much planning involved. None of the randomness I would expect from a chaos, or void of intelligence. Again speculation though.

Whether you believe in evo or not nature itself exists in a planned state. I for one believe in evo on some levels and not on others. I believe it is being pushed in schools to ignorant levels at the moment and we will see it's perfect state when that impetus ends. At that point science will finally recover from the sinkhole that is the agenda of evolution and begin to truly progress again. Even into a better understanding of evolution. Something I look forward to. Nothing is new about this concept we have done it so many times in history it is laughable to expect otherwise. We get an idea in our heads and we "push" it because we know the commonality will decline it otherwise. It will level out eventually with further breakthroughs.

I don't belive in heaven in the traditional sense either though. I believe that our universe is dynamic but not solitary. I believe that there exist other states than this dimension. I do not mean "spiritual" I mean the universe operates within it's dimensions effectively but not as the sole operating mechanism in existence. In other words the universe may not be the only place in existence and it's rules may not mean much outside of it. Especially when you consider how many of it's rules revolve around it's own nature.

love hawkings. Maybe that's because I am old timer idk. I just love how objective he is compared to the majority of greater thinkers that I have read on any side, these days. Just look at how many scientific minds throughout history have been castrated for their beliefs which later turned out to be correct. People need to use objectivity.
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I'm here for the sake of interest to ask you dear readers about your beliefs.

Just answer these simple questions:

- Do you believe there is other dimension where you travel after you die?

- Do you believe that there are higher forces that aren't dependent on this world?

- Are you in member of church or any other organization and if you are are you accepting their beliefs or are you there for some other reason?

1 - I don't need to believe, there is one.

2 - Both states of yes and no apply; yes, there are higher forces; no, they are in fact dependent upon this world.

3 - I'm not in any organized religious or faithful groups at this time. I don't plan to be, either.
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The real question is do you believe in ancient fairy tales written by primitive humans or is your brain better than that.
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I'm a Reformed Baptist.

Not too many of us left.



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1.- Yes,

2.- Yes.

3.- Yes.

I'm a "non-denominational" Christian, although to those informed, embrace a non-cessionist Baptist stance in doctrine.
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The first would be a yes/no. I don't think you physically go anywhere, but I don't think its just lights out either. I consider whatever lies beyond death to be a state of being rather than a physical place.

I'm not really sure what the second question is asking. I don't believe in "God" in the sense of a dude that watches everyone.

No to the third

I think science and religion are both necessary. Science tries to answer the how and religion tries to answer the why. I'm more with the religious side because from my experience atheists tend to be more closed minded and venomous with their beliefs. Because its literally impossible for their views to ever be affirmed, they seem bent on destroying the faith of others. I'm not talking about the degenerates that try to change history books and brainwash kids in the bible belt, just regular people with their own views as to how the world works. I don't see why there can't be some sort of meaning to life for them, its not like it conflicts with science in any way. If there are qualitative aspects to the universe science will never know because they would be impossible to measure.
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09/22/2013 08:53 AMPosted by Zardalak
The real question is do you believe in ancient fairy tales written by primitive humans or is your brain better than that.

This is pretty ignorant. Its not all black and white, there are plenty of people who look at religion in a symbolic sense, what meaning can be taken from it, rather than using it to replace scientific facts.
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