I was lagging too much to farm inferno very well, so i decided to do some theorycrafting instead. Not sure if these graphs will be useful to anyone, but I already spent the time making them so I might as well post them.


How to use these graphs:
pick the one that is closest to your current crit damage % bonus

the bottom axis is your CURRENT attack speed
the left axis is your CURRENT crit chance
tracing up from those will tell you the break-even points for any additional crit chance and IAS

Here are the equations I used to generate these graphs:
IAS1 = current attack speed
IAS2 = additional attack speed
CR1 = current crit chance
CR2 = additional crit chance
CD = crit damage bonus
R = ratio of additional attack speed to crit chance

I set the damage equation against itself, with extra IAS one one side and extra CR on the other. DEX and weapon DPS terms cancel each other out.

(IAS1 + IAS2)*(1+CR1*CD)=IAS1*(1+(CR1+CR2)*CD)

solving this for CR1 gave me
CR1 = -(R - CD*IAS1) / (CD*R)
which I then plotted for various values of R and CD

If anyone sees any mistakes in my math, please correct me and I will fix my graphs

If anyone is interested, I might do crit chance vs crit damage or crit damage vs IAS graphs later.
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