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Best loot from butcher runs?

What is the best drop anyone has received from the butcher/jailer on inferno?

I'm trying to gear up for a2 and these runs seem pointless. Is it worth it or is there another better method to prepare for a2?

Im currently at 32000 health
12k damage unbuffed
400-500 resist all buffed
8k armor unbuffed
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90 Orc Warrior
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I got lvl 60 shoulders 128 str, 60ish Vit, 100+ armor, 46 resist all, 12% magic find I think.
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I just got a chest piece drop on act 2 of hell. I don't remember the exact stats, but in the neighborhood of

+75 STR
+75 VIT
+180 increase armor

I'm pretty sure if that could drop in hell, inferno Act 1 drops would be just as good if not better.
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100 Night Elf Priest
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best piece for me was Blackthorne legs set piece.. but that's like out of 30 runs I've done where every rare that's dropped is garbage. and that piece has no resist on it.

he's never dropped decent All resist rares for me
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I started Act 2 around your stats. I feel that Act 2 drops are way better than Act 1. There are a bunch of easy places to farm in Act 2 that got me into Act 3 (Mainly Magdha running).

I got a ~60 all resist, 80 str, 80 vit gloves from an elite fallen pack in Act 2.
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Im getting wrecked in a2. The butcher isnt doing squat for me as far as gear goes. Ive got A1 on solid farm mode but a2 works me. Any more specifics on the methods to farm? How do you gain 5 stacks and where?
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I've had multiple good drops in act1 inferno.

+140ish armor
48 to all resists
+40 arcane resist

+180 armor
55al res

and more
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What im mostly curious about is 1hander weapon drops. Im looking for a high dps 1 hander and I guess the question is, does this drop in a1? The AH overprices items beyond reason.
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i got blackthornes legs as well but mine spawned with all resist and fire resist
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For weapons, the highest I have seen for a 1h is around 6-700... and those are rare. Seems doing this run mostly gets you other gear as I have gotten at least 4 upgrades for myself just doing these runs for 2 days.
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90 Orc Shaman
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I found a pair of gloves with ~100 str/vit, 30 resist all and 15% attack speed increase.
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Good to know about those weapon drops. Ive done plenty of butcher runs and that confirms what I thought. Now I have to find a way to make 20 million gold.
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Hey you should totally let me borrow that gear :)
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What kind of resist numbers should be considered for a more permanent gear set? When I search for gear I do make sure to include resist all in my filter and set the number at 50.
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From what I've seen you want between 800-1000 for all when your gear is all finished up. So somewhere between 50-100 for each piece should be your goal [or at least that's how I understand it].
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I have got: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/andariels-visage and many other amazing items as which i have made millions on the ah. You just need to farm faster!
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