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How do you deal with internet disconnects?

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So, I've been playing primarily Hardcore that last couple weeks and despite a couple really embarrassing Act-1-Normal deaths due to getting way too brave and thinking it'd be impossible to die so early, I'd managed to do pretty well and got a Demon Hunter up to level 50 or so, in Act 3 Nightmare. Then, at the part where you talk to Leah who's having trouble with the black soulstone and initiate an event that summons loads of shadow beasts, my inputs stopped being responsive (could move around, but couldn't use skills); then, I was disconnected from the server. My internet was dead for a few minutes, came back up, I log on to a dead Demon Hunter. Note that at no point did my ping go from anything but green, or anything like that.

Now, I don't know how many other people have this problem, but I've just kind of gotten to the point at which I assume it's normal internet behavior; it's happened ever since I can remember getting broadband for the first time 10 years ago, across multiple modems, multiple routers, multiple PCs, multiple homes, multiple ISPs. Ever once in awhile, even on the most dependable provider, it's just a fact of life that it 'goes down' for a bit. Maybe for maintenance? Maybe something weird happens somewhere in the pipeline? I dunno, but somewhere around once a week to once a month I'll notice it go down for about 5 minutes, randomly, at any part of any day of the week. It's something that's rather unavoidable. So again, I dunno how many of you even have this problem, if it's really 'normal' internet behavior or just something that people living out in the country (north Georgia here) have to deal with with subpar service, but....

Well, basically, and also the tl;dr of the whole thread: How do you deal with it when your internet randomly cuts off, even if just only for a short period of time roughly a couple times a month, and you happen to be playing D3 HC in the middle of battle when it does? Are there any kind of precautions that could possibly help me not have to experience this kind of thing where I lose a character I put dozens of hours into because of something completely out of my control, or is it just something to deal with?
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coax cables carry cable modem internet, blah, signal degredation; i'm sure you have fluctuation in your downstream values. I know I do. I too, multiple ISPs/homes, but I've never had really dank internet.

fiber to house

3 words, we need it. I'm still rocking my craptastic ISP cable internet (fiberoptics not available in middle of nowhere) and it just isn't acceptable for this game and this game mode.

Need to move, and need some fiber to house action

For the geographically curious, I've seen cable/DSL connections in south central Kansas, northeast Kansas, Brooklyn NY, and now the worst by far.. the rural Texas panhandle.

Near me, I need like an Albuquerque / Colorado Springs / Denver, something north-south along there and then 100% fiber ISP be np. (and yay mountains) I'm so willing to pay more or whatever's needed; I disconnect 5 - 15 times a week, maybe more, all on my ISP. That's playing maybe 30-40 hours in that week. On busy days off (busy playing), I've disconnected 5 times in a singular day, the 5th of which was the fatal blow to my Lv54 fembarb. gross day for sure; that will make you think about where you live and how it dictates the ISP competition, or lack thereof

edit, I guess Qwest in the Denver area not as good as Verizon FiOS, hm
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ISP decision for HC mode. srsbiz

It's like a factor in the move above most other things, hehe
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haha, yeah then. I guess it's just something to deal with until I either move to where fiber-optic internet is available or it comes to me, eh?

Well, I guess it mainly means I'm going to be overlevelling even more on easier areas and focussing even more on defensive options when I do play HC, and probably not playing Inferno in the forseeable future on that mode.
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