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Act 2 gear check please

Hey guys, I've been digging around the forums and have found some info out 500-600 resist all unbuffed is the main need. Followed by 50k hp, and about 12k dmg. I am currently sitting at 400 resists unbuffed, 43k hp, 7k dps. Block and dext are not known off hand, but I do have a solid 1h and shield. The 1h is a 502 dps mace with 196 str and 186 vit, 25% dmg increase, and 50% crit (found farming act 1 ^___^). I'm just looking for gear advice if any, as it seems I may have to continue farming act 1 for rings and ammy's (can't get myself to buy them on AH when they drop common enough, and are crazy expensive). I guess my main concern is that I only have 7k dps since i lost about 4k dps when gearing up for resists and vit.
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Your resists are a tad low but you might be ok if your block% and block value is high enough. HP is fine, damage is a little low but not too awful. Depending on the spec you run you might be ok. Prolly farm a little more get resists up another 100 or so and get a 700 dps weapon and you'd be sitting pretty for starting act 2.
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I have 35k HP, 8k armor, 590-690 resists with impunity, 12k dps, 28% block, and I get absolutely murdered in act 2. I can occasionally burst kill a champ pack with insanity and EQ, but otherwise it's a complete disaster. And don't even get me started on multiplayer, people QUIT when a barb joins because they don't want to have to CARRY a worthless member and slow down their own progression/loot.
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@caravaggio ... just get 400 more all resist and you should be fine ..
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550-650 buffed resist is sufficient for Act2. The problem with most barbs is they think that being a tank is required of them, so they sacrifice huge amounts of damage just to stay alive for a few more seconds. You need more dps - 17k unbuffed or so (i think a 850dps weapon would get you there). You haven't stated your armor, but 8.5-9k (enchantress) is comfortable. You can sacrifice your hp for more dps, 33k-40k is more than enough.

Sandwasps do a lot of damage, probably one of the highest damages in Act2 (if you take 2-4 hits) and I think this is what deters people from Act2. It gets a lot easier when you're passed them.
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Good to know your take aequaorea, it falls in line with what I've been reading to some degree, and makes sense. Can't keep pumping resists and vit when str is needed to get back some hp from certain skills. I'll keep that in mind, and start saving for a beast of a weapon. I'm tempted to by that 1h polearm legendary, Emphraim Messenger, or something. The best ones tend to be like 700dps but even if in the 600's, they have like bonus vs elites 5% and even resists and life on hit, so it seems pretty solid, but still only 600-700 dps and very expensive. All I know is, I can't keep dropping legendaries like the ones I've been finding, (Messerschmidt's Reaver...) I mean, they go for like 50k in AH now.... not cool....
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I have 590 - 680 resist, 17k damage, 10k armor 30k HP and i managed to finish act 2. It's hard i tell you lol! I use the enchantress follower to boost my armor and dps btw.
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Yeah prices are always dropping - so depressing. 850dps should only be around 300-400k now I think? I'm talking about blue weapons, I used one when I was running through Act 2. Life on hit is just a bonus!

I think I was around 30k+ buffed damage when I was doing Act 2. The idea is that when you're fighting an elite pack, if you manage to burst down 1-2 members of that pack - you've basically reduced the damage taken by staggering amounts.
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