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Need advice for Progressing Through Inferno

Ok guys! I've been reading the forums everyday trying to figure out the best way to go about this. I've got inferno act 1 on farm. I want to be able to push through the rest of the chapters, but I feel like I'm just hitting a wall. I know it's probably gear. I would just like advice on what you guys are doing to try to push through act 2 and further.

To start off, I have a MF set for act 1 but my luck is terrible. I haven't been able to make large amounts of gold through my item drops. I have about 2 million currently. My stats are as follows:

DPS- 28k without SS
Health- 30,600
Crit Chance- 5% with SS
Crit Damage- +37%
All Resistances - ~250
2 Hand Bow- 940 DPS
Quiver- 178 Dex, 51 Vit, 1.08 Hatred

I'm currently running Devouring, NT, SS, prep, spike traps with scatter, and caltrops with torturous.
My passives are SS, archery, and steady aim.

Is my only option to upgrade my bow and then try to focus on crit gear? Also, what are fair prices for crit gear. It seems like everything decent is so high. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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well is you have SS as passive you should up your crit damage, 37% is pretty low
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I've been wanting to. I have it on my hand slots but the other pieces with the stat are more expensive. I would like a cross bow with a socket but those start at about 5 million. I suppose just start with rings and neck pieces?
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I ran a similar build. My health was around 20k, resistances negligible. My Crit Damage however was over 200% and I was using a 2h Xbow 903dps with the archer bonus.

Crit Damage is huge, Spamming NT will give you a lot of crits before sharpshooter resets, same with spike traps. I died a lot while doing this but it did work and got me all the way to Belial solo. I did Belial with 2 barbs and a Monk.
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Get a quiver and chest piece to boost your maximum discipline, if you haven't already. You want at least 40, and more is better. If your crit damage is very low and you're going to continue using a bow instead of xbow, you might try tactical advantage instead of sharpshooter.
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That's encouraging! Thanks! In your opinion should I get a crossbow with a socket as opposed to a crossbow with attack speed?
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I recommend ignoring your resistances and health at the moment.

For the way the game is currently designed, you will get 1 shot by almost everything anyways. Some durability will save you quite a few deaths from those extremely weak attacks, but as an "overall" it wont have the same beneficial return. I cleared the entirety of inferno with 10k hp and under 100 resist.

The most important thing to realize is you will die, and die ALOT (act 2 was the worst for me). It takes getting used to fighting mobs with instant blink attacks, instant ranged attacks (FU tongue lickers), and a variety of things that are going to kill you regardless of how good you are.

With that said, you can clear up to Belial with next to nothing in gear (for him dps is very helpful on snakes) and after that Azmodan (who you probably need to be able to take 1 tick from the shadow pool).

The only x factor is elite packs. If you dont have the gear/skill for them, then you can bypass the hard ones by tucking them into a corner of the map or a random room. Most packs are easy, however certain packs (ie. tongue licker) can be extremely hard regardless of affixes.

Also beware of reflect damage, Personally I cant attack anything without SS up. Just have to kite or GY rush.

My spec was
caltrops /w 2 second root
1.5 sec SS
prep /w 10 max disc
free vault 10 sec cd
Arch/steady/crit for passives. Night stalker for a few select encounters.

Also for gearing, ontop of damage (dex, crit damage, crit and attack speed), I highly recommend using a quiver and a chest with +max disc. It makes a huge difference. Im also a huge fan of movespeed. I have 24% and it makes a massive difference when kiting or dodging projectiles.

For weapons I personally like crossbows (but you need a certain amount of attack speed to make them feasable with stutter stepping). Bows second. 1H crossbows I find to suck, HOWEVER they CAN come with max disc, which is something of note if there is something similarly priced in the same dps range (unlikely).
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm assuming I should just switch to a crossbow with a socket and ignore the attack speed?
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05/31/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Wraith
Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm assuming I should just switch to a crossbow with a socket and ignore the attack speed?

Attack speed on weapon means nothing really. Its factored into the weapons overall dps, so the stat might as well not even be shown.

Attack speed however is godly on other items. Both rings should have it, ideally amulet, and things like lacuni prowlers, andy's visage can be good ways to get it too (though they are insanely expensive.

Crit% damage crossbow, or socketed crossbow is probably the most ideal. Personally I have 150 dex crossbow. Dex is very strong too, and a nice alternative for crit damage because it can be very hard to find one that is reasonably priced (in otherwords you could buy a much higher dps weapon for cheaper and get more benefit).
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