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Spent 550k at AH, 5 neph siegebreaker np.

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Found a 1000dps bow first run so I made most of the gold back. Died about 15 times but died quite a lot less once I got the hang of it and realized how to properly engage certain mobs. Overall, I'm quite impressed with the class. Here's my stats if anyone is interested.


Proof of purchase and find.



The build I am using.


Strategy is basically try to try and shoot mobs off screen. Use SS to get out of range/dodge attacks. Use caltrops to slow. Spam tentacle and hungering arrow. Prep when disc low. Keep doing that. Also, it's a good idea to kite in the direction of where you spawn so you can respawn and start attacking before they regain their HP. Much more effective farming than A1 with my barb I'd say since there's a chance I can actually find good gear.
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No sharpshooter? It's excellent for getting a huge burst off on a champion group.
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Is this Hell or Inferno?
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Im doing a similar thing as you did.
But I go for +critical dmg gears, my Xbow speed is only at 1.39.
Im still contemplating whether to change out my 917dps xbow for a 902 xbow but with +45 more % crit and atttack speed, bring my increased crit damage to 270+%.
Logic being,Im kitting, Ill most probably be stutter stepping so the increase attack speed might not be beneficial? But Im seeing maybe i can get off 2 shot instead of my usual 1 with a faster attack speed.
I love seeing impale(Grievous wound) crit for 100 over K. Burns down elite minions fast.
Did you find the 1000dps bow with MF gear on?
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Inferno. I paid 110k for the bow. I don't think I found too many deals. Just searched for cheapest highest dex items. The best buy was prolly 120 dex bracers with 3.5 crit chance for 6999.
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0% MF, I just had 5 neph on.
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