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Mantra of Retribution

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I'm wondering why you put Exploding Palm in that build. Is it so you can kite with that rune?

If this worked with ground effects that would be so wonderful. It does sound like a fun build. I think it's worth experimenting with these little used abilities - Blizz carefully chose and balanced all of these abilities for one reason or another and just because we as players haven't figured out how to make something work doesn't mean there isn't a use for it.

Kite + DoT + 40 Spirit * LSS on single targets, while the Liberty Bell Smash aka Wave of Light would be more for groups. I thought about using Cyclone Strike with the Fear rune instead of Wave of Light but WoL had the crit synergy. Blinding Flash or Breath of Heaven would probably add more survivability, Exploding Palm is wishful thinking :) Come to think of it, Sweeping Wind with Inner Storm would add more Spirit Generation and still uses the crit, so that might work better but then you don't have the slowing capability. It's a work in process :D

Edit: I actually remember why now. I had figured that a heal of 7500 would take 187.5 LSS for 40 points of Spirit spent, which would require 125 LSS on gear. I don't think that's actually attainable but 100 LSS + 62.5 from the mantra would turn Palm into a 6500 heal, and 40 spirit is very recoverable with the proposed build assuming you can get up to around 25% crit while 75 takes an extra round of hits or running around to generate.
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@ rule:
In another thread i read its reflected before the armor...

I think I have to try out by myself...
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72 Human Warlock
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When this mantra is used, do you actually take full damage? I'm curious if it reduces the damage you take by reflecting a portion back...or if you take the full hit but a portion of it also hits your enemy.
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U take the full damage.
40% of the damage is "copied" and reflected on the enemy.
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It could be quite useful grouped with a pet WD. Those exist right? :P
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This is the most overlooked mantra and I've convinced all my other monk buddies to use it. I roll with other monks and a barb or DH. We stack it like this

Retribution/Attack speed.
Barb shout

If you look at the benefit to group dps of the attack speed dps increase it comes out about the same as convic/overawe but you dont have to spam it!!! I hate overawe, what a selfish mantra.
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Skill needs revision, reason being, skill actually worsens as gear progresses. Fix = Idea #1 dodge synergy - let reflect damage work on dodge by reflecting 20% weapon damage in a 10 yard radius when you dodge. Idea #2 Thorns synergy - Increases thorns damage by 25%
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Circular breathing works well for leveling friends... i ran a friend through act 3/4 hell in under an hour getting him from 56-60 using a circular breathing/tempest rush build last night.
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you combine MOR with life steal on your weapons so that everytime you're hit by an enemy you actually heal yourself as well as damage them back because of the damage being reflected is being converted to HP.
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The reflected dmg procs LS? o.o
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